Monday, April 18, 2016

Improvement Showing in Gosselin

A driver standing behind the shadows of Erik Jones is  named Mario Gosselin. A NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular from
Sainte-Marie, Quebec, Canada has been making gains behind the wheel of his #90 Chevrolet Camaro every weekend since missing Daytona. The #90 team has stayed consistent throughout the 5 races raced by Mario Gosselin. Daytona and Texas were ran by Martin Roy where he finished best at Texas in the 25th spot. Mario's best finish came at Bristol this past weekend where he finished 24th in the #90 Bucked Up Chevrolet Camaro. In second practice Mario placed the #90 in the 19th as one of the best underfunded teams in the lineup at the time. Mario and his King Autosport Team continue to make gains every week and show that they matter in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. We send out best wishes and congratulations to Mario Gosselin and his King Autosport teams success in the NASCAR Xfinity Series as of late! (Koelle,2016)

Short Tracks Added to List of Successful Places for Underfunded Teams

When it comes to the Underfunded teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series it used to be the superspeedways were the only places you even saw their cars or heard a mention of them. In the last 2 short track races of the season the underfunded teams are showing they belong right up there next to the Hendricks, Stewart Haas, and the higher funded teams like that. AJ Allmendinger who drives for JTG Daugherty Racing almost won Martinsville finishing second to Kyle Busch. This weekend in Bristol was a prime example of the Underfunded teams showing their steady hands at the blackjack table. Landon Cassill lead laps against Joe Gibbs Racing driver Carl Edwards after staying out after a pit stop. When he came in for a pit stop with the leaders he was still in the Top 10. Though he finished 21st, still a great run for Iron Cassill. Along with Cassill there was another underdog in the form of Matt DiBenedetto who finished his career best 6th yesterday in Bristol. With all these amazing runs at these short tracks it could almost be a sign of things to come for these Underfunded teams and short tracks(Koelle,2016)

McDowell Survives Bristol, Finishes 29th

Michael McDowell and Circle Sport Leavine Family Racing continued to make gains this weekend in Bristol, TN, McDowell, who has had success in the past at Bristol, certainly worked for that 29th place finish. McDowell battled all day long and got up into the Top 15 but a middle of the race crash barely touched McDowell but enough to put him a few laps down. McDowell continued to fight for positions on and off the track and managed to pull out a 29th place finish. The team has done well so far in 2016 and will look to continue momentum into the next 2 weeks befor Ty Dillon takes over the #95 at Kansas. It will only be the second time since McDowell joined Circle Sport - Leavine Family Racing that he will race at Richmond. McDowell's best finish at Richmond was a 39th twice in 2011 and 2012. Then McDowell heads to Talladega. A track McDowell has both qualified and raced well on. With the help from Richard Childress Racing could McDowell possibly pull an upset? It's possible but only time will tell for the #95 Chevrolet SS team. (Koelle,2016)

What's the Problem? - Low Attendance

Yesterday in Thunder Valley the grandstands looked rather empty and many people began to question on why. For 15 straight races Bristol sold out but it seems the days of those are long gone. To think of it the last full stadium we have had in 2016 was California. There is a common denominator between all of those tracks and that's the fact that they are in the South. Texas, Martinsville, Atlanta, and now Bristol weren't full and looked empty on TV. Now when it came to tracks like Phoenix, Las Vegas, California in most cases they were packed. It makes you wonder if NASCAR still appeals to the Southern people like it did at one time.You look at all of the rules that NASCAR has changed over and over again and some fans just don't like that which is understandable. Brian France has also brought in some new rules to appeal to the new fan and makes the old fan just not want to watch anymore. It's just change and it was bound to happen sometime. Below are some reasons why I personally think attendance is down at NASCAR tracks. We'd love to hear your opinion so comment below!
Is NASCAR appealing to the South anymore? That question could be asked now a days as tracks in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and many of the other southern states have some low attendance numbers and in some cases fans don't see the NASCAR they grew up with and that could draw fans away. Another thing that hurts some tracks are the greed for tickets. They would sell more seats and probably have more sellouts if they adopted a new plan either with General Admission at an affordable price or do like Talladega Superspeedway does and
add an affordable 2 day ticket plan and add a kicker like free camping. With the general admission Idea fans would save money that they could purchase beer, non-alcoholic drinks, merchandise and other items like that. Adding a kicker like free camping helps give that hard working fan a little extra help in staying near the track without blowing out cash that the hotels want during race weekend.
Scalpers, Scalpers, Scalpers. Another big situation that is facing NASCAR today. Nowadays more people go online and buy tickets which is something you couldn't do in the age of sell out races. When fans go online and find a cheap ticket and find it to be fake the fan will think the track is to blame but it lands into the hands of the consumer. More and more tickets land in the hands of scalpers and then they land in the garbage because they can't sell them. This is something that can't really be dealt with but can be monitored more.
We want to hear your opinion on why attendance is down in the coments and we may use yours in the next article about attendance! (Koelle,2016)