Monday, February 29, 2016

Sprint Cup Regulars in the Xfinity - Where Things Haven't Changed

In this new series called Where Things Haven't Changed we will cover places where NASCAR has attempted to change an objective or problem and we will point out where things have not changed. If you have any ideas or places you want to hear us go over please enter a comment in the comment box to the left We love hearing fan feedback! The First One is concerning the Xfinity Series and the New Chase Format.
As many of you know NASCAR implemented the new Chase Format this season in all 3 series and currently 2 drivers in 2 of these series are locked into the Chase. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson and The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series has Johnny Sauter and John Hunter Nemechek. The lone series without anyone locked is the Xfinity Series. The Brand that is supposed to be where Names Are Made is being overtaken by the Names that have already been made in some sort. When it comes to the new Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series Chase it's like we are making these two series their own instead of being with the Cup Series. So far in 2016 two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers have won the two races of the season leaving no driver locked into the chase yet while the other 2 series have 2 drivers each locked in. This is where I think NASCAR needs to review this system and there are three possible options for it and I will list them below. Some of these may not
be very popular to some and there are circumstances behind them and why you see these cup regulars in the NASCAR Xfinity Series which seems to be the only place we see cup regulars in. In two truck races there has not been one Cup Regular entered and I expect it to stay that way. Why can't the same happen in the Xfinity Series.
The number one option would be the most unpopular among Cup Regulars and maybe a few Xfinity Regulars.This would mean banning Cup Regulars period. This would be the only way to make the chase as competitive as we have seen it in the Cup Series and Truck Series. I highly don't ever see this happening because Cup drivers are what brings funding to the Xfinity Series. This option is one that commonly comes out of the fans and I can see it when attendance is low at these races.
The next option would be like a partnership deal with a cup regular. The cup regular brings the sponsorship with him to the team and they become the crew chief or driver coach. This could be where drivers like Ryan Sieg, Cody Ware, Tanner Berryhill, and ones like that could find the funding to be competitive each week. This would cause fans to want to see the Xfinity Series Regulars battle with each other on the track and still have an influence of the cup regulars. This could also be followed by a General Admission ticket deal. Lets say Bristol for example. General Admission for both the Xfinity and Truck Races for 25.00$. Lay that out
Bristol can hold 160,000 people, Let's say 100,000 people come to the Xfinity Series race for 25.00$. Mathematically we could see the track make 2,500,000$ and that is not even including Merchandise and Concessions sales. Tracks would make more money, NASCAR would look full again and within a few years we could see this system move to the Cup Series. I know it sounds insane but It could be the rebirth of NASCAR, At Least the Xfinity and Truck Series. This idea would help the money flow in NASCAR and would keep fans happy which is our #1 priority.
The third option would be that if you are in a lower funded car in the Cup Series then a team who runs drivers like Kyle Busch, Austin Dillon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chase Elliott or someone like that would have to run a driver who does not have much of a ride in the Cup Series. For Example, Cole Whitt races for Premium Motorsports in the Cup Series. I think they should be allowed to run in cup but someone like JR Motorsports or Richard Childress Racing should put him in an Xfinity Car full time. This may be unpopular because of that wonderful funding but that's where I am saying the Cup Regular as a driver coach or crew chief would be best.
I know many of these things are far fetched but I really want to see change just as much as the everyday fan does. I want to see more competitive action on Friday's and Saturday's like we have seen in the Truck Series. The old saying that Cup Regulars sell seats is just dying off and I think fans who say that don't understand the issue or the fact that if drivers like Brad Keselowski or Kyle Busch come in and dominate fans may miss the hard working drivers with very little like Jeremy Clements, Ryan Sieg among many others. (Koelle,2016)

From the Grandstand - 12 Questions With Patrick Paxson

Today we interview NASCAR Fan Patrick Paxson. Me and him met through a Facebook group called Danica Racer. Patrick along with Sheryl Zahn are the founders of the group on Facebook where Fans of Danica join together to learn more and show support for their favorite driver! NASCAR has some of the most loyal fans in any motorsports and I think it's neat to see how passionate some fans are for drivers. Patrick is an Avid Danica Patrick fan which is becoming more and more of something you see around the NASCAR Universe. We asked him 12 questions about who he is and about some of the things in NASCAR He Likes and where changes need to happen. If you would like to be interviewed please email me at and we will email you the details. Now onto the Q and A with Patrick Paxson!   
Q- Tell The NASCAR Fans About Yourself!
A-  "I like cars, dogs, Nascar, movies, guitars and ride my bike every day."
Q- Favorite Driver and Why?
A- "Danica Patrick."
"When I first saw her interviewed I realized she was special. I'm a member of a number of her fan clubs and enjoy every minute of being her fan. Danica is the greatest woman driver ever and although she was put in a Cup car early she gained the experience needed to race with the best in the world.  When she's given a great car she's passed everyone and when she's given a poor car she fights for the best finish down to the last lap."
Q- What Track Do You Consider Your Hometrack?
A- "Newton is closest" (Iowa Speedway)
Q- Favorite Track to Attend?
A- "Kansas City"
Q- When did you attend your first race? Who Won?
A- "2012 Indy race at Newton.  Marco A edged out Tony K on the last lap"
Q- Which one? Brickyard 400 or Daytona 500?
A- "Brickyard 400"

Q- What do you think needs to be changed in our sport?
A- "I would go back to the old point system and qualifying with a few changes.  I would elevate Xfinity to Cup level and have 2 leagues with them racing in 2 different cities each week."
Q- Souvenir Haulers or New Fanatics Tents?
A- "Souvenir"
Q- Greatest and Worst NASCAR Driver Ever?
A- "Jimmie Johnson is the greatest and I don't know the worst, I think they're all great."
Q- Race you haven't attended yet that you want to? (Races if more than one.)
A- "Daytona and Fontana"
Q- What are your thoughts on the new chase syestem?
A- "I think the best team doesn't always win. After the cut off two thirds of the field won't get mentioned again until the next season."

Last question is from Jake DeWitt on our last From The Grandstand Series and he asks...
Q-"Do you feel that nascar riggs finishes sometimes for the benefit of the "story" or sport?"
A- "No I honestly feel they try their best to be fair. It doesn't seem that way at times but I don't think their mistakes are intentional."

Now ask a question for the Next Fan!
Q- "Do you like having Cup drivers race Xfinity every week?"
Now answer that question for yourself!
A- "I find it much more enjoyable to see the Xfinity drivers fight it out between themselves."