Friday, January 22, 2016

Fast Cars and Future Stars - ARCA Racing Team Spotlight Introduction - Devotion

Last weekend while in Daytona for ARCA Racing Series testing numerous things came to mind and one came from my Mom. The Name of this new article series that will be seen this season "Fast Cars and Future Stars" was her Idea.  This article Series will be a series of spotlights like we do with Drivers and Teams on the higher level and each of them will have a word that goes with them. When we highlight a majority of the teams out there in the ARCA Racing Series we will put all of them into one article entitled Fast Cars and Future Stars - How you Make the Future.
When it comes to the ARCA Racing Series it's a place where the names you see in the Xfinity Series or Trucks, or even Cup began there career or have raced at before in the Past. Newly formed Teammates Ty Dillon and Michael McDowell are just an example of drivers who have became successful. You have drivers who spend a vast majority of their
career in ARCA because the right eye of Experts don;t see the potential they have behind the wheel. There are drivers in the ARCA Racing Series who have great looking futures, for example 2015 ARCA Racing Series Champion Grant Enfinger who will be making his return to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2016 driving full time for GMS Racing. If you look at this series you see devotion. You see drivers who love to drive and have a passion to do what they do for a living. Kyle Lockrow is a prime example at that and if he could find sponsorship and support I would guarantee that he would not let you down. Kyle has a kind heart and a Fan type Attitude. If Kyle got his shot I can say without a doubt that he could be in Grant's spot within 2 years if not less. As it sits Kyle tested Daytona but won't have a ride and those are the drivers who put the Most Devotion into racing but you have drivers who have famous families or big time dollars and that commonly takes out the Drivers like Kyle Lockrow who have the skill, Have the Gasoline in their veins and yet year after year these drivers get over shadowed. If you are a team owner and you are looking for a driver I would highly suggest you find these Kyle Lockrow like drivers and give them a chance. True they may not win races but you can bet that they will give you their 100% and celebrate the inner victories like just qualifying for a race. These drivers are the reason I want to
write, they are the drivers who can't get there voice out or the announcers won't talk about on TV. They are the drivers who have to work for every inch they gain on and off of the racetrack and these are the drivers I feel could be the future of the Sport but the sport won't give them the opportunity. Please take a read at each of these Team Spotlights featuring teams like Hamilton Hughes Racing, Woodruff Motorsports, Hixson Motorsports, and the many teams you won't hear
come February when the series makes it's season debut on the high banks of the Daytona
International Speedway. I want to make sure you know about these drivers and teams who are just trying to keep the Fire lit and keep it the sport that everyone has fallen in love with over the years. Yes there are drivers like these in the Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks and trust me I will get to them sooner or later because together we can make sure that TV, Writers, Fans know that the Lower Money Teams Matter and that we will be around for a Long Long time! This is Devotion (Koelle,2016)

Steve Byrnes - NASCAR Hall Of Fame Spotlight

With The NASCAR Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony tonight I want to make this Well now with it being moved to tomorrow Afternoon I wanted to make this NASCAR Hall Of Fame Spotlight extra special featuring a large inspiration of this blog along with a tribute to the man, Steve Byrnes. The Late Steve Byrnes has been named the most recent recipient of The Squier-Hall Award for NASCAR Media Excellence. Below we will do like normal on one of the Greatest Guys in NASCAR Media in the History of NASCAR.
Steve was Steve. He was one of my personal heroes and that never ended and still continues today after he's gone. Steve was a large influence of why I wanted to join NASCAR Media. A message that Steve sent me before he passed stuck with me every morning before I would go to School. That quote was "You are one more day closer to NASCAR." That one quote Steve told me one day was something I still tell myself every morning before I begin the day. As I pursue a Career in NASCAR as a Journalist the thought of Steve still lingers in the mind of me and I am sure among many others. Steve would help anyone he could and he would work his hardest to keep a smile on anyone he was near and he commonly did that. Steve was a person who many of us in the Journalism World would look up too and try to be like because Steve would always ask those
questions you the fan would want to hear the answer to. Today I try to continue that. Steve was just a great guy all around. I still remember the Race at Sonoma where Steve just happened to be in the right place at the right time, or maybe the worse place at the worse time at Fontana when he asked Tony Stewart "What anger do you have about the situation" and that was the famous time Tony said he would beat Joey Logano's A$$. That was one of the many moments Steve was involved
in but It is one of those moments that lives in the past of both Steve Byrnes and Tony Stewart's career. Steve Byrnes took his job seriously and when someone takes their job seriously they become some of the Greatest People in whatever they are doing. Steve was that Great Person to Motorsports. Steve did his Job and he did it very well. He would always catch an interview when you would least expect someone to get that interview and when you can get that interview I know first hand that awesome feeling you get. Every time you would see Steve you would know something big was coming.
At Bristol on the Day before he died you saw all of the #ByrnesStrong logos along with everyone in the stands with a sign that said Stand Up For Steve. These things showed how much Steve meant to the fans and the NASCAR family.
On the Day that the announcement came that Steve had passed I was in Spanish. I was heartbroken as was everyone else in the Sport. Steve meant so much to everyone in this sport and to lose someone like him just breaks everyone's hearts. We will never forget Steve and will continue to live on his legacy.
When it was announced that Steve would receive The Squier-Hall Award for NASCAR Media Excellence I personally thought that how much he deserved this award. The ending of that award's name is just how I want to sum up Steve and How I will remember him and that is Excellence. Thank you Steve.

Brandon Brown Gains Sponsor For Season Opener at Daytona

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Brandon Brown has raced in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series a total of 8 races over his career gaining a best finish of 14th at Dover last season. Brandon Brown has the talent behind the wheel and now he will have the sponsor behind him to show it next month at the Season Opening NextEra Energy 250 at the Daytona International Speedway with a new sponsor.
On the Journey to Daytona NCASEIT Sports Display Cases will sponsor Brandon Brown starting at the Daytona International Speedway next month in a deal that could turn into a 12 race deal which would help you the supporters see Brandon at the track more over the next few months. Along with the support from the Fans Brandon also has some support from a familiar face. Well not really so much of a familiar face as much of a familiar voice. Well known college basketball broadcaster Dick Vitale has some encouraging words to send out to Brandon and his #86 Team and He's talking about Brandon being a success in the NASCAR Camping
World Truck Series Baby! If you want to view the video you can view it on Youtube at the link below! We look forward to seeing Brandon behind the wheel of the #86 NCASEIT Chevrolet Silverado Next Month at the Daytona International Speedway!
More about Brandon Brown. The Woodbridge, VA native has raced in numerous Racing and NASCAR Series over his career including 8 races in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. A best finish of 14th came last year at Dover in one of the more entertaining Races of 2015. Brandon traveled to New Smyrna Speedway in Edgewater, Florida to attend racing school.  That experience left him with more knowledge of the racecar and the tracks.  Brandon also uses iRacing to practice on the simulator when he’s not able to be on the asphalt.  His impressive rookie debut of running 21 races; setting 3 poles; 1 victory; 8 top five finishes; 15 top ten finishes giving him 335 points for the season catapulted Brandon to Nascar’s Whelen All-American Series Rookie of The Year for the State of
Virginia.  And, was awarded 5th place rookie honors in Nascar’s National Standings.  Of the top 500 drivers listed in the Nascar Home Tracks Standings, he ranked 187.  Brandon placed 6th in points at Old Dominion Speedway.  Brandon simultaneously ran in the Virginia Dirt Karting Series this year as well and is the State Champion for the Animal Light Division! In 2016 Brandon looks to continue his momentum from 2015 in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with new sponsor NCASEIT.
More about NCASEIT. NCASEIT is the leading manufacturer of Sports Display Cases. In fact we have displays for all of your collectibles. Jerseys, Balls, Helmets, racing and more.They also have excellent Die Cast Holders for you NASCAR Diecasts! They have everything from 1/24 cases to 1/64 cases! Be sure to go to there website at NCASEIT for all of your latest Cases to keep your diecasts looking just as awesome as before! Be sure to tune in February 19th for the 2016 NextEra Energy 250 as Brandon will Look to take NCASEIT to Victory Lane in Daytona! (Koelle,2016) The link for the youtube video is Be sure to share it and give it a Like!