Sunday, December 6, 2015

Family Tradition - 2016 Rookie Of The Year Race Has A Twist To it

You know when you talk to your parents and they have watched NASCAR their whole life and tell you who they liked or have liked in the past many of those drivers have had kids and those kids are having great success in NASCAR. It gives the older fans someone with a familiar name to cheer for. Many of these kids have grown to be great if not better than their fathers. Next season's Rookie Of The Year Class consists of 2 drivers whose fathers were popular in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. In this article we will go over the numerous families who have kids in this generation of Drivers.

The Blaney's (Ryan and Dave Blaney)

When it comes to the Blaney's you think of a Hall Of Fame Family. Not NASCAR Hall Of Fame but Dirt Racing Hall Of Fame. Numerous members of the Blaney family are in multiple Dirt Racing Hall Of Fames' including Ryans' father Dave. Dave raced in NASCAR for Multiple years but now is a mentor for his son Ryan. Ryan has really left a great impression on many people including The Wood Brothers in which with Ryan will be going full time racing in 2016. The first time since 2008. Look for Ryan to visit Victory Lane sometime in 2016 along with landing The Wood Brothers in their first Chase Appearance. Look for the next edition of The New Kid on The Block coming in late January of 2016!

The Elliott's (Chase and Bill Elliott)

The Former Most Popular Driver has a son rising in his footsteps. Chase Elliott has deffinately proved he belongs in the spotlight by winning the 2014 NASCAR XFINITY Championship while also being in contention in 2015 for that same championship. Chase also drove the #25 in Hendrick Motorsports part time in 2015 and full time taking over the reigns of Jeff Gordon in the #24. Chase will definitely be a factor at becoming the newest Most Popular Driver in 2015 competing against names  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Danica Patrick among many other drivers! Along with Ryan Blaney Chase will be running for Rookie Of The Year which will certainly be a race within the race to watch! 

The Earnhardt's (Jeffery, Kerry, Dale Sr.)

In 2016 2 Earnhardt's will be running in the Sprint Cup Series. Dale who will be running his 18th season behind the wheel of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Car. His Nephew will begin his first Partial/Full Time Season For Go Green Racing with new sponsor Can-Am. Jeffery is the son of Kerry Earnhardt who was the son of the Late Dale Earnhardt Sr. With Jeffery joining the series the futures for Earnhardt's is looking very strong. Along with Chase and Ryan Jeffery will be running for the Rookie Of The Year. Look for Go Green Racing and Jeffery Earnhardt to leave a mark on his competitors. Oh yeah and don't get in a fight with him because he is an Ex- MMA fighter.