Tuesday, December 22, 2015

From The Cockpit - 12 Questions with ARCA Racing Driver Josh White

Today in the newest installment of From The Cockpit We will talk to ARCA Racing Driver Josh White. Josh has drove for Hixson Motorsports from near by Soddy Daisy, TN, Josh has been in the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards since 2013 but did not compete in 2014. In 2013 Josh raced 2 races at Springfield and DuQuoin. With a best finish of 22nd, both races being DNF's due to handling issues. In 2015 Josh returned to Hixson Motorsports where he raced 18 of the seasons 20 races and finished a career best 12th in points. We look forward to seeing what Josh will be doing in 2016, hopefully back behind the wheel for Wayne Hixson.

12 Questions with ARCA Racing Driver Josh White

Q- Tell the fans a little about your past.
A- "Well I'm 24 years old, from Charleston,WV and I've loved racing and the feel of raw horsepower since I could walk. By the time I was 4 years old I was driving (with help from my grandfather), by the time I was 8 I was already driving a full size truck with a 4 speed by myself. I grew up driving fourwheelers and drifting them racing as fast as I can go in the Appalachian mountains, and doing the same with a go cart with a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor. I started drag racing when I was 16 years old in a Camaro that was given to me. I had some success at Kanawha Valley Dragway but times were tough working 2 jobs for parts. So I enlisted in the us marine corps after graduating high school. When I got back I quickly returned to the drivers seat. This time in a crate late model, and it was the first time I went circle track racing. I had alot of fun, got a few top fives and a win but it was time to chase my dream. I got in contact with and grew a relationship with Wilson Motorsports in the ARCA Truck Series, tested in a ARCA car with Andy Hillenburg at Fast Track Racing, then I had my first asphalt circle track race and my only arca truck race at Toledo Speedway. I finished 13th with engine trouble and no communication. There at Toledo I met Wayne Hixson of Hixson Motorsports. That's where things got interesting. The same year, Wayne had me do my first ever 2 starts in the ARCA Racing Series. Then at the end of 2013 I tested at Daytona with C2m. I didn't get to do anything in 2014 but this year started off great for my first full season of ARCA. Pulling off 17 starts, 18 races and a ARCA career best finish of 23rd. I finished the year 12th in points and even more motivation for the years to come. With some good support and sponsors we can win!"

Q- Who was your childhood idol in NASCAR?
A- "Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder"

Q- What inspired you to become a Race Car Driver?
A- "Just my love for speed, and horsepower. I'm an adrenaline junkie and I'm addicted to the most expensive drug in the world, Motorsports. I don't think there are any drug anonymous classes for that."

Q-Favorite Track to compete at?
A- "Pocono. That place has my heart. I met a good friend of mine there that passed this year, Holly Golembiewski. Besides that I can rock that track with the right equipment. Its fun and I know I can win there if given the right opportunity."

Q- Whats one word to describe going 200 mph at Daytona International Speedway?
A- "You can't describe that in a thousand words. That place is so legendary that it gives you a feeling you can't explain. If your driving there, and you don't shed a tear going through the tunnel to the garage, theres something wrong with you."

Q- What are your plans for 2016? 
A- "Well I'm actively looking for sponsors but it doesn't look like 2016 is going to be much of a success. 2017 is looking very promising. If I don't get the sponsorship needed to run ARCA next year, ill be running locally on dirt and ill be building my next drag race car. It won't be as crazy as the 405 guys on the street outlaws but I'm going to have some fun regardless of what happens ."

Q- First car you ever drove? Who was it for?
A- "First race car I ever drove was my 84 Camaro Z28 and I drove for myself"

Q- Do you think the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase System should come to other series like ARCA?
A- "No, I like the ARCA points system and I believe it should go back to the NSCS"

Q-Would you rather do Single Car Qualifying or Group Qualifying?
A- "I like them both but group qualifying is alot more fun so I would rather group qualify"

Q- State where you'd like to see a track built?
A- "My home state, WV. It would boost the economy here, and it would be perfect for NASCAR. Attendance at the races at that track would be plentiful."

Question 11 was asked by Kyle Lockrow in the Last From Cockpit Article.
Q- What are the Top 3 Characteristics that a Championship Caliber Driver need to possess? 
A- "Patience, sportsmanship, and drive. He has to want it."

For Question #12 I want you to ask a question for the next driver we Interview!
Q- Can you explain what struggles you are going through to keep your racing career going?
Now answer that question for yourself!
A- "I constantly struggle because I find a tough time fitting in I suppose. I'm a poor man trying to make it in a rich mans sport. And I'm from the hills of WV so I guess I have had alot of things against me. I'm finding it tough to get to the right people, its a never ending struggle because I've never been a good talker when it comes to getting sponsors."

We are surely not done hearing from Josh and will certianly look forward to seeing him in ARCA in 2016! (Koelle, 2015)

Alliance Truck Parts Returns To Brad Keselowski's #2 Ford Fusion in 2016

Alliance Truck Parts announced today that the fan favorite Yellow and Black paint scheme with their logo on it will return in 2016. Brad Keselowski will run the Black and Yellow Alliance Truck Parts Ford Fusion for 8 races, up 2 races from 2015. Brad will run this paint scheme at Phoenix in March, Richmond in April, Kansas in May, Sonoma in July, Daytona and Pocono in July, Martinsville in October and Texas in November. Brad Keselowski, who won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship in 2012 has had Alliance Truck Parts on the car as a primary sponsor since Team Penske moved to Ford in 2013. Brad Keselowski will also have Miller Lite return for their 26th season with Team Penske. Miller will be the primary sponsor on the #2 car for a total of 24 races. Also expected to return in 2016 will be Detroit Genuine Parts and Wurth. Brad Keselowski only had one win in 2015 at California, but with the new rule package I expect Team Penske
will come back with a stronger force and with the stronger presence of Ryan Blaney every weekend expect Brad to teach Ryan a few things along with other Team Penske Drivers Joey Logano and Michael McDowell. (Koelle, 2015)

Tommy Baldwin Racing Restructures Team

Tommy Baldwin Racing announced major changes within the organization for 2016. Francois
"Frankie" Bergeron comes over from Joe Gibbs Racing where, as Fabrication Shop Manager, he oversaw the complete building of their cars for the past five years. Now, he'll take his seasoned experience to TBR where he will assume the same role. "Frankie brings with him a resume full of race wins and experience," said team owner, Tommy Baldwin. "His knowledge and leadership will be an invaluable asset to our program. We're excited to have him join
Chad Walters, who worked at Michael Waltrip Racing for the past three years, will lead the race engineering efforts. At MWR, he served as an engineer and R&D Manager. Walters will flank Ed Nathman, who has assumed the role of Simulation and Vehicle Dynamics Manager. Veteran Mike Brill joins TBR as Car Chief of the #7 Chevy driven by Alex Bowman. Most recently at Richard Childress Racing, Brill has been a fixture in the NASCAR garage for many years. He takes over for Ken Davis,
who's focus will be at the shop as a chassis specialist and mechanic.
The newly revamped body-building shop will benefit from the addition of two former MWR employees. Both Doug Trader and Brent Patzack bring a wealth of experience to TBR and will complement the existing staff. Additionally, longtime TBR team member, Jamie Tomaino, has been promoted to Shop Foreman. "This is probably the most excited about a season than we've ever been," said Baldwin. "I feel that we've put together a team capable of bringing us to the next level of competition. This business is all about the people and I think we've assembled some of the best." Founded in 2009, Tommy Baldwin Racing is a NASCAR organization that fields the #7 Chevy driven by Alex Bowman in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Baldwin, a native of Long Island, New York, is a Daytona 500-winning crew chief in his seventh season as a full-time Cup Series car owner. (Tommy Baldwin Racing)

The Road To Daytona - Part I

This is the first part of The NASCAR News Source's Road To Daytona. This will ultimately culminate hopefully with the 58th Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach Florida. Hope you enjoy!

As the year comes to an end the term off season as I have learned is not vacation time just the time of the year when the cars are off the track. Numerous news articles has had to be reported and I have wrote numerous original stories for all of you to enjoy! We have also been busy with numerous behind the scene works and conversations. We are also working on some sponsorship deals for drivers in 2016 along with working on a credential request for 2016. The nervousness sits in with this and the thought of missing Speedweeks has began to creep its way onto our minds but we know if it's meant to be we will be at Daytona in February. I really understand the stress teams go through when they go into the Duels at risk of missing the Daytona 500 and I hope not to have that ever so lingering feeling of watching the Daytona 500 from home. Trust me i have done that to many years and really want to be there giving you all the news as it happens. As I enter my credential request for the Daytona 500 we can say we have the opportunity to start off our coverage with the ARCA Testing at Daytona as we have been invited by Kyle Lockrow. The Road to Daytona has many detour signs and we will take those Detours in hope that we will land in Daytona in February. Look for part 2 at the beginning of January and 2016! (Koelle, 2015)