Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chase Clinching Scenarios - Talladega

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series goes to "Sweet Home Alabama" The Talladega Superspeedway is home to the MOST DRAMA FILLED RACE IN THE CHASE! Below are the Chase Clinching Scenarios for Each Driver in the Contender Rounds 12 Drivers including their average finish at Talladega!

Chase Clinching Scenarios

  • Back-to-back wins at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Kansas Speedway gave Joey Logano automatic admission into the Eliminator Round. Average Finish at Talladega - 20.92
  • Denny Hamlin needs to finish 14th with no laps led, or 15th with at least one lap led, or 16th and lead the most laps. Average Finish at Talladega - 18.47
  • Kurt Busch needs to finish 8th with no laps led, or 9th with at least one lap led, or 10th and lead the most laps. Average Finish at Talladega -  16.79
  • Carl Edwards needs to finish 7th with no laps led, or 8th with at least one lap led, or 9th and lead the most laps. Average Finish at Talladega - 21.55
  • Kevin Harvick needs to finish 3rd with no laps led, or 4th with a lap led. Average Finish at Talladega - 15.34
  • Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski need to finish 2nd with no laps led, or 3rd with at least one lap led, or 4th and lead the most laps. (BRAD Average Finish at Talladega - 15.62)(JEFF Average Finish at Talladega - 17.27)
  • Martin Truex Jr. needs to finish 2nd with no laps led or 3rd with the most laps led Average Finish at Talladega - 20.48
  • Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth only control their own destinies with a victory. (DALE - 15.06) (RYAN - 20.37) (KYLE - 22.35) (MATT - 18.03)

NASCAR To Only Use One Green White Checker Attempt This Weekend

NASCAR announced today that this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, AL that they would only use one green white checker attempt if needed. This was introduced after Austin Dillon went airborne into the catch fence at the Daytona International Speedway in July. NASCAR States that the pressure won't be as high in just one Green White Checker Finish as it would be in 2 more attempts.
I disagree. The Wreck in Daytona was just one attempt at a G.W.C and I don't think limiting them like this will work especially since many drivers will need to win to get to the next round. With only 7 Spots left for 11 drivers tensions will be higher than ever. Don't be surprised if your favorite driver doesn't make it to the next round and if you are a fan of either Joey Logano or The Underfunded teams don't be surprised if they wind up in victory lane.
With this new rule I went back and did some research and some of the biggest wrecks in the past have happened not in attempt 2 and 3 but attempt 1! We will see if this pays off but I just hope everyone leaves Talladega the way they came in. (Koelle, 2015)

Driven To Win - Chris Buescher Driver Spotlight From Kanas

Chris Buescher left Kansas with a 27 point points lead over defending champion Chase Elliott. Regan Smith and Ty Dillon are both competing against Chris for the 2015 NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship, the first one under the Xfinity branding.
Chris Buescher began 2015 knowing he was confident in what his plans would be for that year. Chris Buescher started races all season last season including clicking a win at Mid Ohio and finishing 7th in points. Chris Entered Daytona Strong, qualifying in the 10th position. Chris stayed in the Top 10 a majority of the day and at the end while pushing his teammate to victory he finished 2nd at Daytona in a race that 1 year ago he DNQ'ed because of Rain.
From Atlanta to Talladega his worst finish would be a 20th at Richmond. 3 Top 5's, 2 Top 10's, and 2 Top 15's would have Chris entering Iowa with a ton of momentum. He would qualify in the 4th position for the 3M 250. It had been 20 races since Chris Buescher had took the #60 car to victory lane in Mid Ohio. 20 races would be the ending of that winless streak as Chris Buescher would take the #60 Roush Performance Parts Ford Mustang to Casey's General Store Victory Lane. This was Chris's STATEMENT race that he was here and he meant business. Chris would leave Iowa with the points lead but he wasn't done yet.
An 11th place finish at Charlotte would lead Chris to a face to face battle with Miles The Monster and his teammate Bubba Wallace. Bubba would be on the way to win his first Xfinity Series race when Chris Roughed him up a little to take the lead and later win the race!
From Dover To Mid Ohio Chris would contiue to grasp the points lead while the occasional
Regan Smith, Chase Elliott, and Ty Dillon would knock on Chris's door. but no serious contenders would step up. A worst place of 16th at Indianapolis would be the achillies heel of Chris but would still not dampen on his spirits nor his points lead.
Bristol would come and Chris qualified in the 5th position and in the final laps would go toe to toe with Kyle Busch. An Empty Fuel Tank would end his chance at beating Kyle Busch in his track. Despite finishing 11th Chris would keep his points lead.
Richmond would prove to be Chris's achillies heel as thats where he has had his worst finish of the year. (20th in April). Richmond in September wouldn't be any better well a little but still it would be his worst finish in the Road America to Kansas show. After Kansas The Xfinity Series would go into their 2nd to final off week of 2015 and Chris would have the points lead going into Texas.
With The Help of 2 Time Xfinity Series Champion Ricky Stenhouse Jr. the question is not when Chris Buescher will crack at the pressure but If Chris will crack. I look for Chris to be hoisting the Inaugural Xfinity Series Championship. (Koelle, 2015)

NASCAR, teams working on "charters" for owners; possibly smaller fields

As drivers sweat out potential elimination in the Chase for the Sprint Cup, the jockeying behind closed doors appears just as intense as NASCAR and owners furiously try to hash out a plan to make the team business a more stable one. NASCAR and the owners might not spin each other out, but they have plenty of details to work through. As with a car, any small piece of the model could disrupt the whole package. The initial NASCAR proposal, according to industry leaders who spoke on the condition of anonymity
and confirmed by owners and team executives with knowledge of the negotiations, would give team owners of 36 cars guaranteed spots in a Sprint Cup field reduced from the current 43 cars to 40 cars. Those 36 teams would be awarded "charters" -- NASCAR's word for what many would term a franchise -- that could be sold if a team owner wanted to get out of the sport or cut down the number of full-time cars it fields. Since June, team executives and NASCAR have had discussions about putting a system in place for 2016, and NASCAR began explaining to owners its plans
after a Sept. 29 meeting with them. The Race Team Alliance, a coalition of most (but not all) Cup owners, met a couple of weeks ago to discuss the proposal and negotiations have continued since then. Those involved said that the talks remain fluid and even the plan for number of charters and the size of the field could change.
There are 43 cars that have attempted every race this year, but only 36 would get charters. Under the initial proposal, it appears that to be eligible for a charter, the current version of the plan requires a team to have been full-time since 2013. That requirement would affect Stewart-Haas Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing, which each added a fourth car in the past two years. It also could hurt Penske Racing, which is trying to work with Wood Brothers to field a third full-time car in 2016 for Ryan Blaney. (ESPN)

If this was to happen I think numerous things will need to be changed. Look below for some things that I think will need to be changed.

Eliminate Sprint Cup Series Regulars from Lower Series

Drivers like Michael McDowell, Ryan Blaney, Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards would be out of a ride so in this case let drivers like the above take over the relinquished rides of Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr and others who would have a guaranteed ride on Sunday. Trucks too because if this new Idea comes into play 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Kevin Harvick would be out of a ride because his car and the #19 would be out of the locked in Top 36 and with them talking of only 40 car fields It would be a challenge once again to make a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race. Also expand the field in the Xfinity Series to 43 drivers and Trucks to 40!  

Suddenly have to wait till drivers Retire to bring up new Talent

Yes Jeff Gordon  retiring after this season and Tony Stewart after Next season but in order to get new talent in race cars You are going to have to have drivers retiring either at young age or not have any new drivers in the future. It's the harsh reality that if you can't field a new driver in a new car number that hasn't ran full time before 2013 than you aren't going to waste money on a car that on Friday or Saturday won't make the 40 car field. Sorry Guys but you need to make something for the newer drivers because otherwise no new drivers means no new fields.