Thursday, November 12, 2015

Return From The Overgrowth - Tracks that Need To Make A Comeback

It's a sad situation facing the the racing world now days and it's something that NASCAR fails to notice. Once loved tracks by fans now loved by weeds and overgrowth. Tracks like the Rockingham Speedway and many others are just falling apart at the seems while NASCAR continues on like those tracks were never a part of their history. Its a sad problem that is developing and been in the works at some tracks for more than 20 years. Below is my list of tracks I feel should return to.

Nashville Superspeedway (Lebanon, TN)

Nashville Superspeedway is a concrete super speedway. It produced great racing and one of the favorites among drivers. The trophy alone was worth it for the drivers, a hand painted guitar by the man himself Sam Bass. Now it's used for private use and used to be where teams tested cars for future races. Nashville is truly one of those tracks that fans loved and really would like to see return. The track was purchased earlier this year and was expected to explore opportunities at hosting more racing events. Indy Car, ARCA, Trucks, and Xfinity Series have all raced there just imagine it going back with today's cars and today's talent.

Memphis International Raceway (Memphis, TN)

Memphis was a popular track among the truck series and looking at what the trucks are doing now would be very fitting to come back to Memphis for one last Encore. The fans want to see it and i'm sure some of the drivers want to see the racing return to Memphis, TN in Elvis's backyard. The trophy was just that a statue of the Local favorite rocker Elvis but recently its been feeling the blues and being looked over by NASCAR Officials. This is certainly one track that would be excellent as a race for only the Truck Series!

Rockingham Speedway (Rockingham, NC)

The Rock. As seen above you might find some rocks on the track now days. This is certainly one of the tracks that has just been let go to rot while NASCAR continues to make more and more money. The trucks came to Rockingham in 2013 where a young Kyle Larson got his first NASCAR upper series victory of his career. Imagine if the cup series raced here again. I would imagine Larson would have a cup win because he seemed to be like a natural at this track in the one appearance. Many thought the trucks would be the rebirth for The Rock but when 2014 came around was left off the Truck Schedule. 2 years after it's final race the vegetation has taken over the track.

Mansfield Motorsports Park (Mansfield, OH)

Another Track that has just been forgotten about was a place where the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series raced at for years. It was then replaced by Iowa Speedway after the 2009 Season. It was a special track because like Eldora it was only raced at by the Truck Series and many drivers enjoyed success at the Track. I honestly see this being the one track on the list that will be a complete loss from the NASCAR circuit but can only hope the Whelen Modified Series or ARCA Racing Series can pick it up. 

North Wilkesboro Motor Speedway (North Wilkesboro, NC)

Just imagine a race where practice would be the most important part of the weekend. Jeff Gordon is the only active driver to have raced at North Wilkesboro and he will retire at the end of this season. That would be one amazing race but along with Rockingham this is another track that has just been left to rot. In 1996 the track was replaced and left in the dust. If NASCAR really wanted to give fans a taste of the past return to North Wilkesboro and watch tickets fly out of the ticket office. It would ultimately bring older fans back to the sport and who knows who would be good here?