Saturday, December 19, 2015

McDowell and Crew Make Charitable Pit Stop on The Road To Daytona

Michael McDowell, driver of the #95 Thrivent Financial Ford Fusion, made a pit stop Friday afternoon along with his crew to make a donation at Rowan County Department of Social Services, and the result was help for families in need. The event was sponsored by the Piedmont Regional office of Thrivent Financial, which is located in Salisbury.  Thrivent Financial is one of the primary sponsors of the #95 Ford that McDowell drives. Thrivent Financial clients adopted families in need and purchased gifts and groceries for them. McDowell has done much work for numerous charity's like Habitat For Humanity among a few others. We look forward to see Michael McDowell and Leavine Family Racing back on the racetrack in 2016! (Koelle, 2015)

Morgan Shepherd - The Original NASCAR Driver.........Who Is Still Driving

At 74 years old Morgan Shepherd continues to do his passion and that passion is to be behind the wheel of a NASCAR Stock Car or just racing something with four wheels. Though times haven't been the best for Morgan and Much criticism from some people in NASCAR who say Morgan is just to old to race, Morgan continues to race and do better in his among many other communities! In many sports like Baseball and Football there is no way that you can go out there and be competitive at 74 years old yet alone 50 years old. Morgan is a driver who still goes out there and competes as well as possible and still has a ton of fun. His age is something that helps him get fans and many of those fans probably remember when Morgan raced in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series in the 80's. Morgan has raced here and there every season since 1970 and he will continue to race. That is one impressive feat impressive for a driver to be able to race in a sport for a continuous time, Something that you will never see in some of the other sports. Morgan has been racing in NASCAR for 45 years now and will continue to race in 2016 to make that number 46. I had the oppurtunity to speak with Morgan Tuesday night on the
WOOP on Wheels radio show and this man should be a prime example of how a driver should act. Morgan talked about his charity work that he has done since the off season began and how he's helping the less fortunate have a Merry Christmas and that is something that I find very awesome about Morgan is that this man helps anyone he can and helps try and put a smile on someones face. Morgan is one neat guy and I hope to see him in NASCAR for another 45 years! With his faith and attitude don't be surprised if this man continues to shatter age records and maybe we will see him in victory lane one more time! Morgan is also looking for funding in 2016 so if you can help him do it! It will be the best move your company has ever made! Look for a Q and A with Morgan to come sometime in 2016 if not earlier! This should show that Morgan is the Original Driver and will continue to be the original for many years to come!(Koelle, 2015)

Rusty Wallace - NASCAR Hall Of Fame Spotlight

When it comes to the Wallace Family, they are a family that has been a very important part of the NASCAR history book. It's whole family have been involved in NASCAR in some way shape or form over the years and some are still active today. Rusty was really the most successful of the three brothers of Rusty, Mike, and Kenny. Rusty won the at the time NASCAR Winston Cup Series Championship in 1989. Wallace would never finish better than 2nd in points after that title came in 1989. Rusty though drove like a champion over his 26 seasons in racing. Much success came for Rusty at tracks like Bristol, Martinsville, Watkins Glen, among many others. Rusty's first win came in 1986 at no surprise Bristol Motor Speedway. Over 26 years in NASCAR Rusty drove for 2 teams, he spent most of his time at Team Penske where he really helped build Team Penske to the powerhouse it is today with Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano. Before Rusty raced for Roger Penske he drove for Raymond Beadle in the #27 Car. Over the years Rusty either drove a Pontiac,
Ford, or Dodge. Over the years Rusty had many rivalries with drivers like Dale Earnhardt Sr.and Jeff Gordon. Dale and Rusty were good friends despite what you would see on the track and in 1993 when Dale Earnhardt won the Championship and Rusty Wallace won the Race both did a polish victory lap with the flags of Alan Kulwicki and Davey Allison to delight the fans and to send one final farewell to two great drivers and friends. Rusty's last win would come at Martinsville in 2004, that would
be Rusty's 55th and final win. In 2005 Rusty announced he would be making his Last Call Run in the Series and would retire from Racing at the end of 2005. Wallace would not win a race that season and would finish 8th in points. Rusty would join the NASCAR on ESPN coverage in 2006 and he would cover races up until the end of ESPN covering NASCAR at the end of 2014. After that Rusty would Join the MRN booth to help cover races with numerous MRN personality's. In 2014, Wallace ran at Daytona for testing before the 2014 Daytona 500 as part of a promotion for Miller Lite's 40th anniversary, marking the first time a NASCAR Hall of Famer has driven in a NASCAR test. He shared the car with 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Brad Keselowski. If you ask some former Rusty Wallace fans, most would say Brad is the best driver in the #2 Car since Rusty Piloted the car. Many would like to see Rusty return behind the wheel but I don't see him return for a long period of time if he did come back. Wallace is certainly a fit for the NASCAR Hall Of Fame
for everything he has done for the sport and what he still does for the sport. Rusty is a true legend and will certainly be talked about for many many years to come! Thank You Rusty for Everything you have done for the sport! Look for the NASCAR Hall Of Fame Spotlight featuring NASCAR Hall Of Famer Jack Ingram! (Koelle, 2015)