Monday, December 21, 2015

Joe Gibbs Racing Announces Crew Chief Lineup

Joe Gibbs Racing announced today the crew cheifs for it's four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. They announced that Dave Rogers who was Denny Hamlin's crew chief in 2015 will make the move over to the #19 team of Carl Edwards. Replacing Dave in the #11 camp will be Mike Wheeler. Adam Stevens will return to the #18 to help Kyle Busch defend his 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, Jason Ratcliff and Matt Kenseth will once again be paired together for the 4th year in a row. Sitting on the outside is Darian Grubb, who will be pursuing opportunities that are available! A few teams who had a crew chief in 2015 could be looking for a new crew chief. It's uncertain on if Kevin WalTer will remain the crew chief for Leavine Family Racing and Michael McDowell for the 2016 season, but it's one destination that could be speculated for Darian. Shortly after Bristol, Leavine and Former Crew Chief Wally Rodgers split ways. Kevin Walter was promoted to the crew chief position from the engineer. Walter was in an Interim Position. Where Darian lands is just up in the air but be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest! (Koelle, 2015)

Build It and They Will Come - What Hendrick Motorsports Can Become

When it comes to Hendrick Motorsports they have seemed to miss something every year since Jimmie Johnson last won his 6th championship in 2013. Though wins have been there consistent finishes have not been there and well it has certainly shown the last two seasons. Only one Hendrick Motorsports team made the final round of the chase in both the last two years.The wins collums have been high for Hendrick but it seems something is missing. JR Motorsports is kind of a farm team for Hendrick but when it comes down to it Hendrick does not have the farm teams like Team Penske and Joe Gibbs Racing has now. I think that if Hendrick helped more with JR Motorsports or if their was more of a technical alliance between the two, more than their already is.
When it comes to Hendrick Motorsports in recent years it has been dominated by Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. these drivers had a combined 8 wins but neither made it to the Final Four. This season was Jeff Gordon's final year and he only managed to turn one win at Martinsville. Kasey Kahne is the odd man out here not winning a race since Atlanta in 2014. Kahne went winless in 2015 and missed the chase unlike in 2014. Kahne has been the disappointment at Hendrick and it is certainly not because of lack of talent but lack of speed each week.
It will certainly be interesting to see how Hendrick Motorsports looks in 2016 with the addition of Chase Elliott, who has came from a version of Hendrick's Farm Syestem called JR Motorsports. Driving the #24 car in 2016 will certainly be a sight to see for fans in the stands and he could step up to teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. for NASCAR's Most Popular Driver. Also Chase is a part of one of the most competitive Rookie Of The Year Races we have seen.
What Hendrick needs to do is start more alliances with Xfinity Series and Truck Teams to help drivers like Cole Custer and Josh Berry among many others a chance to make it to the big leagues and in my opinion the Boston Red Sox of  NASCAR. Talent is certainly there and we could surely be seeing more drivers like Josh Berry come into Truck Rides or Xfinity Rides and could become the next Dale Earnhardt Jr or The Next Jimmie Johnson.
When it comes to younger generations the future of NASCAR as a whole is looking very bright and with this ammount of tallent we will just have to see whos farm syestem is better than the others when it comes to drivers like Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, among many other drivers retiring and needing a replacement. Chase Elliott has certainly shown what it is like to take over a ride of a retired legend and we cant wait to see how he does in the #24 Nappa Auto Parts Chevrolet SS among the other Hendrick Motorsports drivers. With some of these changes we could see another Hendrick domination like we saw from 2006-2010 by Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, among the other Hendrick Drivers of that Era!(Koelle, 2015)

Go Green Racing - NASCAR Team Spotlight

Go Green Racing has truly done a great job over the years with different drivers in the car week in week out. Drivers like Bobby and Terry Labonte, Josh Wise, Joey Gase, Mike Bliss, Jeffery Earnhardt, Will Kimmel, among many other drivers who have drove this car over the past few years. In 2016 things will change at Go Green and I feel that these changes will really benefit Go Green Racing as a whole in the coming years. In 2016 2000 NASCAR Champion Bobby Labonte will pilot the car at Daytona and Talladega while in the other 33
Races 4th Generation Driver Jeffery Earnhardt will take the reigns and run for 2016 Rookie Of The Year among other prestigious record book stats that you would expect to come from a guy with the last name of Earnhardt. Jeffery will certainly have many heads turning and could possibly make a name for himself in his first full time season in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Go Green Racing has certainly grown from that team that no one had really heard of into a name that you will commonly associate with Jeffery Earnhardt or Bobby Labonte. With Bobby Labonte Jeffery will certainly have a Veterans outlook for new driver Jeffery Earnhardt and I could honestly not think of someone better to be your mentor when you just come to a track like Sonoma or Bristol where Jeffery has never raced at in his career you will always have a veterans out put and in put for a driver at tracks like that. 2016 is looking to Go Green for Go Green Racing in hopes of making that checkered flag a common thing
for Jeffery and Bobby. Certainly keep your eye out for both of these drivers as 2016 will certainly be worth the price of addmission. (Koelle, 2015)

From The Cockpit - 12 Questions with ARCA Racing Driver Kyle Lockrow

Kyle Lockrow has been a friend of mine for a couple years now. In recent years Kyle has drove for Woodruff Motorsports, but in 2016 he will test for Hamilton-Hughes Racing in Daytona at the end of January. Below you can find out more about Kyle in the newest From The Cockpit Series, with 12 Questions. Be sure to like and follow Kyle Lockrow on Twitter and Facebook! At the moment Kyle is looking for sponsorship so he can run the Lucas Oil 200 at Daytona! How is a talented driver like Kyle Sponosrless? If you can help him just a little it will take you far and him far! How would you like to see your logo going 200 mph on the high banks of Daytona? If you are interested email me at or email him at, His website is or Any help would be greatly appreciated!

12 Questions with ARCA Racing Driver Kyle Lockrow

Q- Tell the fans a little about your past.
A- "I am 25 years old and originally from Southern Maryland (6 years in Waldorf, 19 years in LaPlata).  I come from a good size family that is spread across the United States in various places.  My start in Racing began at the age of 7 thanks to Scooby-Doo and some family friends.  The Montag family were die-hard race fans and they introduced me to the Playstation NASCAR games in the late 90s.  along with the games, when the Turner Network (Cartoon Network) Sponsorship on the #29 car that Robert Pressley piloted during the 1997 Winston Cup Season was in tact, it drew me attention because I grew up watching that show religiously, as well as other Hanna Barbera cartoons that happened to appear on the car.  As time went on, I became a Jeff Gordon fan and my interest in racing continued to grow and I decided halfway through high school to begin chasing the dream of racing competitively in hopes of reaching NASCAR and ARCA.  After 7 years of running at various tracks around the Delmarva area in different divisions, I finally was able to test at Daytona in the ARCA car for approval.  
Aside from racing, I enjoy participating in: Golf, Go-Karting, Swimming, Sim Racing (iRacing), Football, Baseball, and Exercising (Running and Lifting).   I participate in a Dart League that plays on Wednesday evenings and we participate in Luck of the Draw Events on Saturdays.  For the past six years, I have been involved with Best Buddies of Maryland and Special Olympics of Maryland thanks to my buddy Danny Harmon of Calvert County Maryland.  I have a beautiful girlfriend named Kimberly Lebo who has been with me almost 6 months now.  I am the oldest of two brothers and my parents are two of my biggest supporters other than my Grammi before she passed on in 2011."

Q- Who was your childhood idol in NASCAR?
A- "I had a few: Jeff Gordon, Brian Vickers, and Richard Petty"

Q- What inspired you to become a Race Car Driver?
A- "The chance to take an uncontrollable source of speed and harness it with the abilities I have been blessed with, the opportunity to give back to multiple charities and fans who cherish Motorsports, and to be a positive role model for kids and young adults to chase their dreams."

Q- Favorite Track to compete at?
A- "Wall Stadium and Daytona because the speed and technicality that goes into racing at each one.  They both require patience in traffic and precision on lane choice for consistent lap times."

Q- Whats one word to describe going 200 mph at Daytona International Speedway?
A- "Surreal." 

Q- What are your plans for 2016? 
A- "The plan for 2016 is to test at Daytona for Hamilton-Hughes Racing and attempt to run a variety of NASCAR K&N Pro East and ARCA Racing Events   if sponsorship funding can be obtained."

Q- First car you ever drove? Who was it for?
A- "First car I ever drove was a Late Model in a test session at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, VA for the Try-It-Racing."

Q- Do you think the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase System should come to other series like ARCA?
A- "I believe keeping the current point system is crucial because all ARCA teams need exposure for potential sponsorship and growth as they continue to groom up and coming drivers."

Q-Would you rather do Single Car Qualifying or Group Qualifying?
A- "Single Car because there is less chance of tearing a car up and it allows the chance for the driver to showcase their ability to lay down a solid trial lap without the influence from another driver on track."

Q- State where you'd like to see a track built?
A- "Maryland because there is a lot of land available and it is my original home where racing was prominent in the prior decades at places such as Beltsville, Dorsey, and Marlboro Motor Raceway.  Potomac Speedway is a great dirt facility, but not asphalt or concrete facilities are in operation which limits the variety."

Q- Dirt, Asphalt, or Concrete Racing Surfaces?
A- "I would say Asphalt because I have not had the chance to compete on the other two surfaced yet in my young career."

For Question #12 I want you to ask a question for the next driver we Interview!
Q- What are the Top 3 Characteristics that a Championship Caliber Driver need to possess?
Now answer that question for yourself!
A- "Humility (Keeping your emotions in check and understanding that this trait helps gain respect of fans/media/sponsors), Consistency (Any driver can turn one quick lap in qualifying, practice, or the race, but what makes a driver an asset is the ability run consistent lap times over a 60-70 lap fuel run), and Marketability (Drivers must be able to possess the skills to promote a multi-million dollar Corporate Enterprise , be able to converse with fans and the media, and have a very good personality that allows them to be a solid role model and ambassador for the overall sport)."