Thursday, January 14, 2016

A2 Motorsports Reveal ARCA Testing Debut At Kentucky

A formal  intermediate evaluation  date has been established for ARCA newcomer Blake Akridge as he will make his testing debut at Kentucky Speedway later this year.  ARCA mandates that all new drivers be evaluated on an intermediate track as well as an evaluation at a Superspeedway. Because the tracks are raced so differently the ARCA officials feel that it is in every new drivers best interest that evaluations take place on both. The test will take place sometime in September. (Koelle,2016) to Sponsor May Kansas Race!

Kansas Speedway revealed yesterday that the entitlement sponsorship for the 2016 May Race will be 400. Last season the race was called the Spongebob Square Pants 400. A race that was rather popular to the younger audience that saw the cars of Michael McDowell, Ty Dillon, Greg Biffle, David Ragan, Casey Mears, and Ben Kennedy. The previous week Bubba Wallace Jr ran a Spongebob Square Pants paint scheme at the Talladega Superspeedway. This season the marks the 3rd season that the racing will be under the lights. Tickets are availible for the 400 that will be held on May 7th, 2016. Tickets can be found availible on January 18th at (Koelle,2016)

Tracks that Need to Light Up Their World...

Night Racing is truly an experience that you need to witness at least once in your life if your a racing fan. Even if you are not Night Racing is something you don't see as often in other types of racing like you see with NASCAR. There are a total of 15 races on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Schedule that includes The Unlimited, Both Duels, and The All Star Weekend Races. It is certainly a sight to see as it seems colors shine a little brighter at night, Sparks tend to fly also. As I prefer Bristol's Night Race in August there are many other options. These tracks listed below are tracks that in my opinion a night race would truly be a spectacle to see in person.

Talladega Superspeedway

Ok If you have never been to Talladega Superspeedway you need to go. It is one of the most affordable tracks on the circuit that includes free camping. The racing is great and so are the finishes. Despite fans not liking the ending to the October race at Dega' everyone in the grandstands were standing on their feet eager to see the finish of this exciting race. Imagine having that excitement at night. Sparks fly at Bristol at night just imagine what you could see at Talladega at night. Plus cooler air at night makes the track going experience not only nicer for the fans but also for the drivers. The cars would go faster at night and with faster racing normally great racing is not to far behind. Out of this list this is the one race that I would personally want to see at night.

Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville is a short track like Bristol on crack. It's called the paper clip for a reason and this track gets it's name from how close the racing action gets. If you put your papers together at school or work whats your intentions? Keeping those papers closer is the answer. Imagine this track at night time. The sparks would really fly and well the racing would be better than before. A lot cooler too see also. Also if you put lights up you won't have drivers complaining about how dark it is when the race runs over a little. Sparks flew here last season between Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth and we could only predict this to continue if we added lights. Something about lights lights the tempers of drivers and sends them doing things they wouldn't normally do. This track needs lights. End of story.

Dover International Raceway

Who knows what Miles the Monster would do at night. During a regular race weekend at the Dover International Raceway Miles seems to get really hungry and eat many cars and trucks during races when it comes to accidents and crashes. When Dale Jr. sent out a Tweet Last season saying the extensions for the catch fences looked alot like light poles many fans sent there verdict on the lights at Dover and many said it needed to happen. If the track was to put lights would we see more fights here? Only time will tell and plus I think they need to put lights so that Jimmie Johnson can say he's won every which way at Dover including at the Casino. 

One of the Road Courses 

Ok I titled this one as One Of The Road Courses because well I think we need at least one Road Course race at night. We have short track, superspeedway, Half Mile night races, Why can't we have a Night race where we would turn right on, Many Road Course Specialists would like to see Watkins Glen because it could lead to a 24 hours at Watkins Glen which I would surely tune in for! Sonoma has lights kinda. The drag strip there has lights because NHRA commonly races at night weekend after weekend. Road America would be very neat until some fan got mauled by a bear in the woods, Same goes for Mid Ohio. So let's keep those races at daytime. 

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Ok so this one is the most likely out of the ones on this list to happen as many at SMI have been talking of this happening. A night race at New Hampshire might be very entertaining when it comes to racing like Whelen Modifieds and Truck Racing but I think a night race at New Hampshire would have to be the first visit because the second one should be ran in the day to keep the hype going for Charlotte being the only night race in the chase. New Hampshire has also talked of having Snow Mobile Races here in the Winter and if you held those at night It would be extremely cold but awesome!  

Michigan International Speedway

Ok so I kept thinking of a track that did not have lights that I think should and well Michigan just kept coming to mind among these others. Michigan really gets rained out once a year really if you think about it. Last year we got lucky and with lights maybe it would incline NASCAR to actually finish these races under green rather than end it because of a little shower that is bound to pass over quickly. If you don't think this track needs lights I am not to far behind you. It's one of those tracks that always has been in the day time and probably stay that way for a long time. I personally think all tracks need an Nighttime option because Bristol proves that weather is always an iffy subject. 

The Road to Daytona - Part IV

As we prepare to leave for Daytona the Road is getting a little bit smoother but It really has not changed since the last article. Knock on wood. We are still going to the ARCA Test thanks to ARCA Racing Driver Kyle Lockrow along with Hamilton Hughes and Woodruff Motorsports for giving us the opportunity to follow their journey to Daytona. As of Today we will have the shot to represent another team at Daytona next month for the Lucas Oil 200. We still need to send our credential request to the Track and that will be sent when we return. As I said earlier in a surprise Update on the Writer that was a Linked In Exclusive which was also posted on Twitter. Daytona means a lot to me and If my request is accepted I will probably celebrate like if not more than the winner of the Daytona 500. If we are declined we will keep our heads up and move on to Atlanta. This fourth post in the Road to Daytona is a liken to getting to Jacksonville and taking I-95 to Daytona Beach. An interstate that within a few hours we will be on once again for the first time since February last year. The destination is approaching The question remains on if we will have a way to the Daytona 500 or not. I am absolutely positive we will and I want to say thank you for all of your support and prayers. Now lets head toward Exit 291 for Daytona International Speedway. The next Road to Daytona should be out around media week or the first week of February, whichever comes first. (Koelle,2016)

Gray Gaulding To Test for Lira Motorsports at Daytona

It has been revealed that Gray Gaulding will be testing one of the ARCA Racing Cars fielded by Lira Motorsports. It is unknown at this time on who Gray will be driving for in 2016 as in 2015 Gray competed in 2 different rides in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (Red Horse Racing and Kyle Busch Motorsports). Also Gray raced in 8 of the 14 races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. One race he drove for NTS Motorsports (New Smyrna), and the other 13 starts were for Rick Gdovic. With Gray going to Lira Motorsports who has raced Fords in the past it could be speculated that Gray could replace Chris Buescher or Elliott Sadler at Roush Fenway Racing. That would just be a thought as Gray's truck ride at KBM is now being held by Cody Coughlin and Daniel Suarez. As I stated that is strictly my prediction. We look forward to seeing Gray behind the wheel of the Lira Motorsports entry this weekend! Good Luck Gray! (Koelle,2016)