Thursday, January 21, 2016

Leavine Family Racing Merges with Circle Sport..... New All Around

Chevrolet, Richard Childress Racing Alliance, Circle Sport, Ty Dillon? Lot's of new things are coming to the #95 camp in 2016. The Team has been running numerous announcements this weekend with the biggest one coming today. Leavine Family Racing and Circle Sport Racing, previously the #33 team in 2016, will merge in 2016 making one Chevrolet team that will be eligible for Franchising when it comes together. Ty Dillon will begin the season with Leavine Family - Circle Sport Racing at Daytona next month. It is unaware on if Michael McDowell will begin in Atlanta or on the West Coast Swing but as we
have heard of a rumor Ty will run 5 races while McDowell will run the rest. This helps keep Circle Sport and Leavine Family Racing afloat with this new Franchise deal or at least Competitive.
Michael McDowell has raced with Leavine Family Racing since 2014. In 2016 it will be his first fullish partial schedule since Michael Waltrip Racing in 2008. McDowell was the victim to rainy skies in 2015 as he missed a few races due to attempts, McDowell will not have to worry about that in 2016 with the owners points from 2015 coming from the Circle Sport Racing team.
Ty Dillon, grandson to Richard Childress racing will share the ride with Michael McDowell. I personally think McDowell may be just the mentor and Teammate that Dillon needs to get better behind the wheel. Dillon has some experience behind the wheel of the #33 as he made some races with Circle Sport in 2015. Dillon will also run a full schedule with Richard Childress Racing in the Xfinity Series in 2016, We can Also expect with the new Technical alliance with Richard Childress Racing that we could see Michael McDowell behind the wheel of the newly formed #2 in the Xfinity Series where he can continue to impress race fans. McDowell's last appearance in the Xfinity Series was with Team Penske at Kentucky in 2014 where he finished 8th, Before that race in Iowa he raced for Joe Gibbs Racing where he almost beat Brad Keselowski. I honestly hope RCR puts McDowell in at least one Iowa Race where he can show everyone who he is.
I am honestly looking forward to what is to come for Michael McDowell, Ty Dillon, Bob Leavine, Joe Faulk, among the others in the new organization! (Koelle,2016)

Note from The Writer - Possible Ideas..... Wanting Feedback!

Ok Two Questions for my Supporters!

#1 - What would you all think of a type of Classified Post that would go up once a month With Drivers who are looking for sponsorship? It would help get them exposure and help find them a sponsor!

#2 - I have a team that is looking at the idea of having a name on a Car for a designated price. It would help pay for some things that will help Fund his run at Martinsville! Your Name would be on the Decklid of the Truck at Martinsville for a To Be Determined Price.

Would Love to Hear feedback from the fans on These 2 Ideas! Comment on this post or Email me at Christiank9540@gmail,com! Thanks Everyone! If the 2nd Idea comes to form We will be sure to advertise it on here!