Friday, December 25, 2015

What's the Problem? - Some Tracks at the wrong Time?

When it comes to going to a track to see a race fans want perfect weather. Though sometimes you can't predict the weather sometimes you can. Fans do not like sitting through rain delays just as much as the teams and drivers do. There are a few schedule changes I think needs to be done in the very near future!
Atlanta in February is questionable sometimes. This year was the first year the Atlanta Motor Speedway had a race in February and lets just say it was just what you had expected. Cold and Wet and well the grandstands were empty come to no surprise. Weather in the south in January and February is Icy and cold along with some certain white stuff falling from the sky. Yes it's Christmas and it was 73 yesterday but in the past if we have warm weather for a few weeks, the snow is not to soon behind. I personally think Atlanta needs it's October date back and land Atlanta back into the Chase. Drivers really enjoy Atlanta and with the new chase format I think it would be an interesting race to have before Talladega. Atlanta in October and in the Chase may be
just what the track needs for a rejuvenation.
Next move would be the Kansas race in May. We all know Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz was from Kansas and this season we almost saw Wizard of Oz all over again. Tornado Warnings, Watches and just plain Tornados were all over Kansas and lets just say having Kansas in May is just outright insane. Its at the beginning of Tornado season and well Tornados bring Rain. And what did I say Race fans Hate? Thats right Rain. This is just one of those races I really have
no Idea where to move it to. It's also one of those questionable races every year on if we will get rain or not.
Along with Kansas and Atlanta there are a few tracks that we do have weather issues with that just can not be controlled like Bristol. These are tracks that if you wait a minute the weather will change. Atlanta needs to be moved and Hopefully in 2017 will be moved. If you have any other tracks you think needs to be moved put it below in the comments! (Koelle, 2015)

Update from the Writer To Come Monday December 28th

On Monday December 28th, 2015 I will update everyone on the future of The NASCAR News Source, Myself, and how the Road To Daytona is running. Be sure to tune in next Monday! This update will hopefully have some big news in it concerning different things to come in 2016! Thank you again everyone for your Continued Support and Merry Christmas! - Christian (Koelle,2015) This is Also Post Number 400!!!!!!