Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rapid Fire Questions with Joey Gase

Joey Gase is the driver of the #52 Chevrolet Camaro for Jimmy Means Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. A crowd favorite and one of the friendliest guys in the garage. The 23 year old from Cedar Rapids Iowa has made 114 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, 8 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Starts, and looking to make his NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut this year. Gase has driven for owners like Jimmy Means and Archie St. Hilaire in the Xfinity Series. Gase's best finish of a 5th came last May at Talladega. Today we will roll out our brand new Q and A format called Rapid Fire Questions where we will get to the point and give you the fans an outlook I know you want! We start first with Joey Gase!

Q - What is your stance on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Regulars in the NASCAR Xfinity Series?
A - "I believe NASCAR Sprint Cup Series regulars should be able to run in the XFINITY Series but just more on a limited basic. I think they should be able to run up to 5 the 10 XFINITY races a year."

Q - My Idea to help fix that problem the fans have is a coaching system. If a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver wants to get involved in the lower series he becomes a Coach/Crew Chief for that driver he chooses. Do you think that would help not only the ratings but the Driver Development Program?
A - "This is a very interesting idea and one I have never heard before, I think that is a idea that should be considered but to get all the logic's and everything to work I think would be very difficult"

Q - What is your opinion on the NASCAR Xfinity Series Chase? Do you think this should deter the Cup Regulars from the series or do you think it makes making the chase just that much more of an achievement?
A -"I like the chase format for the fans, I think it adds a lot of excitement to the championship. I also think since it is a format the Cup Series have, it is something we should have so we can prepare for it when we make the jump to the Cup series"

Q - Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A - "In ten years I see myself racing in the Cup Series racing for a championship"

Q - Does racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Xfinity Series in the Same Weekend Help you more than if you just raced one?
A - "Absolutely, it helps me in both series. Anytime you can be on the race track more it helps, I can take what I learned from the Cup side and apply it to the Xfinity side and take what I learn from the Xfinity side and apply it on the Cup series side. Especially have the Xfinity Series race you have a much better understanding on how the track will change through out the race and what the tire will do."

Q - Do you have any details about your NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Debut?
A - "At this time I do not have any new updates, but I may be running another event Friday the 17th which may prevent me from doing the Truck Series race at Iowa Speedway"

Q - If you could pick any track on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Schedule Where would you pick to make your debut?
A - "This is very tough so I am going to have to pick three different tracks. Either Iowa, Talladega, or Martinsville"

Q - What is one state that currently doesn't have a track, you would like to see one built?
A - "I think we need to have one up in the state of Wisconsin, there are a lot of great races from that area. Would love to Milwaukee Mile on the Schedule again or another great short track"

Q - Out of these Vacated tracks which one would you like to see return? Nashville, Milwaukee, Memphis, or Mansfield?
A - "I would say Milwaukee"

Q - If you could pick any sponsor to sponsor you what would it be and why?
A - "Any company that would help me take promoting organ, eye, and tissue donation to the next level. A perfect type of company that makes anti-rejection medicine. Without ant-rejection medicine transplants would not be possible. I love what Lilly is doing with Ryan Reed to spread awareness about diabetes. I would love to do the same thing and have a top fully funded team."

Q - Can you explain what struggles you are going through to keep your racing career going?
A - "The biggest struggle is finding the proper funds to race. In NASCAR or really any type of racing you can't do it without sponsorship"

Q - In your opinion What are the Top 3 Characteristics that a Championship Caliber Driver need to possess?
A - "A great owner, great sponsors, and a great team where everyone does their job well and communicates with one another very well"

Q - Would you rather do Single Car Qualifying or Group Qualifying?
A - "Right now I don't mind the group qualifying but I prefer single car qualifying. Mainly because you only have two laps to get it done"

Ok Now we Have some Questions from some fans! Remember if You would like to ask a question check out our Social Media pages, Comment on that post and we may use your question here in the Fan Ask Section! 

Our First Question is from Patrick out of West Des Moines, IA

Q - "Are you looking forward to winning a Cup race and how long do you think it will take?"
A - "Absolutely! I look forward to winning in anything but especially a Cup race. It is very hard to say how long it can take but it would be amazing if it would happen in the next five years or even ever!"

Second Question Comes from Ryan out of Floyd, VA

Q - "What sponsor have you always wanted to drive for? Old or new."
A -  "M&M's, free candy!"

Our Last Question is from Jake out of Cedar Springs, MI

Q - "If you could pick any combination of car # and sponsorship what would your dream pairing be?"
A - "35 and Donate Life or any organization that promote organ, eye and tissue donation"

We want to thank Joey Gase for doing this Q and A with us! Justin Boston will be the next driver we will have on our Rapid Fire Questions! (Koelle,2016)  

Derrike Cope Racing Announce Texas Partners

Rhino Linings, the world’s #1 brand spray-on truck bed liner, will be featured as a co-primary sponsor for the Texas race! Established in 1988 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Rhino Linings is a privately-held corporation and world leader in protective coatings and linings. Products manufactured and distributed by Rhino Linings Corporation include polyurethane, polyaspartic and epoxy coatings, concrete coatings, spray foam insulation and sealants, and interior and exterior stucco. Rhino Linings Corporation has a global retail and industrial applicator network consisting of more than 2,000 independently owned and operated businesses in almost 80 countries and is the first company in the sprayed-on bedliner industry to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Be Rhino Tough, and find out more at www.rhinolinings.com.
E-hydrate, the world’s first line of premium natural nutritional products, will be prominently featured as a co-primary sponsor for the race, following their sponsorship during the West Coast Swing. E-hydrate offers a complete range of natural products for athletes and the entire health-conscious family, which are available at Target and target.com. Launching nationwide at Target stores across the country this week is new E-hydrate Protein on The Go ACTIVE, which is the world's first ready-to-mix natural protein and joint health product designed for active adults, with 12-25 grams of protein and a great taste in either chocolate or vanilla! Along with great protein products, you can get the essential electrolytes, hydration, and other great nutrients your body needs through E-hydrates various products, including Hydration + Energy and BCAA + Energy Gels! Learn more at E-hydrate.com, today!
Ice-Aid™ - formerly known as Beer Frost™ - an environmentally safe, all natural, mineral based product that turns your cooler of ice into a freezer - will continue its support of DCR and will be featured as a co-primary sponsor at the O’Reilly 300 on the #70 Camaro. Delivering a frosty cold beverage covered in ice crystals, it will also make the ice in your cooler last two to three times longer! For more information, visit www.ice-aid.com or pick up a free sample at the DCR hauler!
Also on board the #70 for the Texas event is Red Hot & Blue. Offering premium Memphis style barbecue to the DFW Motorplex for 20+ years, they are best known for its southern hospitality, award winning ribs, and grandma’s famous potato salad. With locations in Dallas, Irving/Las Colinas and Plano, Red Hot & Blue’s newest sister company, Nazca Kitchen, “Food for the Gods”, is a fresh take on the traditional cuisine that has defined South America’s history. For more information on how to get a taste of this great food, visit http://redhotandblue.com/central/, today!
We are excited to head to “The Lone Star State” with hopes of a great run under the lights with our #70 Chevrolet in the O’Reilly Auto Parts 300! (Derrike Cope Racing Press Release)

The Best Seat In The House - Bristol Motor Speedway (Bristol,TN)

Are you planning on going to the Bristol Motor Speedway in 2 weeks? With this series in 2016 I will highlight the tracks I have been to and give you all the fans the point of view that I have had over the years. I have been to Bristol almost more than any track and I have had the opportunity to sit in a lot of different spots over the years. Bristol is my personal favorite track and one of my must attend every year. It was also the track where I made my journalism debut at last season in August and hope to cover at least one race weekend from.
When it comes to Bristol it's truly one of the best fan friendly tracks. It has great views from almost every seat with almost a different experience wherever you sit. The people you sit around rather they like who you do or they don't commonly treat you as a friend and it's the same way when you camp. The NASCAR Family is one of the biggest and strongest in any sports. You don't see Denver Bronco fans getting along with New England Patriots fans at the game on Sunday. You don't see Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee fans getting along at games either. NASCAR is the common place where you will see that differently. A Joey Logano Fan could get along with a Matt Kenseth fan. That is how we are called Family. Not Fans. Here's my opinions of each place to sit at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I have never sat in the Wallace Tower, which is the only place at the track I have not sat at.

Backstretch Seating. 

Bristol is one of those very few tracks that still has backstretch seating available for fans and It is one of the best places to sit without breaking the bank. You can see the whole track no matter how high or low you sit. If you come for a day practice or race, sit higher. If you sit lower you'll feel like a french fry in the oven and you most certainly get burned. That is one positive about Bristol is that Suites and a grandstand surround the circumference of the track so you have a pretty good chance of finding shade unlike some other tracks. I sat in the Junior Johnson Grandstand for many years and it has a very nice view of the whole track. In fact every year from 2006 till 2010 I sat in the same spot at Bristol and It was one of the best views. I would suggest the Backstretch if you are looking for a cheap way to see Bristol. But be sure to get them early they go fast. 

Front Row at NASCAR?

Front Row at some tracks could be on the list of worst places to sit. Considering you don't see much but Bristol is different. You can see majority of the racing, hear the different sound whenever there is a crash along with the closeness you are to the action. Despite after 2014, the section is now blocked off due to safety concerns but still you can sit in Thunder Alley which in my opinion is an incredible view for the price you pay and I have to say I enjoyed sitting here the most and certainly would suggest and sit there again. At Bristol there are no questions about it. You have a great view no matter what.

Inside the Turns.

Inside the turns is a great place to see some of the fastest racing at Bristol. As the cars slow to enter
the turn they ride the banking then exit at a high speed. It's also where chain reaction wrecks commonly happen and sometimes you can see payback come on and off of the track. For example in 2014, Kevin Harvick made contact with Denny Hamlin, sending Hamlin spinning into Dale Earnhardt Jr. ending Hamlin's day. Hamlin then proceeded to take his Hans Device and throw it at Kevin Harvick's car. If I sit in the turns, I sit in the Waltrip Grandstand. It's the Exit of Turn 4 into the finish line and is normally where you see a majority of your great finishes.


Though I don't suggest you purchase tickets from Scalpers at the track, let me tell you about a past experience me and my mom had at Bristol in 2013 for the UNOH 200 and Titan Roofs 150. We had drove through rain on the way up without tickets to the Wednesday Night Race. As we got there you could hear the Whelen Modified Series cars on the track. As we headed to the track, a scalper asked us if we had tickets. We did not so we heard what he had the offer. He offered us 2 Ford Suite tickets for 50$. We purchased them and we headed to the track. The whole time we headed to the track my mom was worried that they weren't real but as we got to the gate they scanned our tickets and they were legit. Once in a lifetime gamble that worked, As you can see me and My Mom enjoyed that race from the suites. 

The Pits/Garage Area

I have had the pleasure of having a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hot pass at Bristol a few times and it's a different experience than most tracks. Definitely have to keep your eyes open as in August the Haulers are the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and Whelen Modified Series Garage and where they drive the cars out on the track. The pit's also have a great view and it's when you are in the pits is when you can see just how big this track is. As they call it, Its The Last Great Colosseum.

Future Tracks

We hope this helps you decide where to sit in 2 weeks at Bristol and maybe send us some feedback on how you felt about your seats! Before Talladega in May we will have one of these about the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, AL. We will also cover Daytona in July and the Next Atlanta Race! I am honestly looking forward to the Talladega race in May as that is our set next race to cover from the inside. We will be at Nashville Fairgrounds on Saturday and we will have many pictures of the Racing! We also look to return to Daytona in July if everything goes correctly. We will still fill out requests for Bristol in April, Kentucky, Indianapolis, along with The Canadian Race in September for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race!