Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 - Season Of Change

Rule changes were highly expected after the 2015 season to help make the racing better and make the racing experience better for fans. Today those changes were announced and well some things are goo while some of them are rather questionable in the minds of Race fans. Of course in 2016 the new rule package will be raced. It will make it's debut at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on February 27th. Racing will pick up with this new downforce package and it should make the racing from Friday to Sunday even more exciting for race fans to watch. So be sure that if NASCAR comes near you get you some tickets and support this amazing sport as it develops into a newer greater sport with a little touch of old school! Below is a listing of the new rule changes that will debut in 2016!

Dash For Cash Races will be Heating Up

 As if the Dash For Cash Racing needed anymore adjustment it will change some things in 2016. New Heat races will be the way we crown who is eligible for the Dash For Cash program. These heat races will start with a bang on April 16th from The Last Great Colosseum in Bristol Tennessee. The Dash for Cash program begins a little earlier while ending around when it starts to help hype up the new chase format for the Xfinity Series that we will talk about in a few. This new format will certainly add a little more excitement to these races and despite being a little confusing on paper It should pan out in the long run and should be very exciting for fans to watch. If you want to read the pamphlet to the right a little more check out my facebook page at The Nascar News Source and on my twitter @KoelleChristian where you can look at these pictures a little better and to where you can understand them a little better. This will deffininately will be thing that will need tweaks over time and I am sure we will see them very soon but look for 2016 to be a very intersting series to watch especially with this next piece of news!

Chase Format Coming to Xfinity and Camping World Trucks

This right here is where the excitement will pick up in 2016. A rather entertaining chase format will be coming in 2016 to all series instead of just in the Sprint Cup Series. This move as many drivers have put it is well over due. In my opinion this is a good move that many fans have gotten used to over the years in the cup Series. This gives many drivers like Ryan Sieg, Joey Gase, teams like that a good shot at moving into the Championship hunt. I personally think it's a good move for both series that it will be debuting with in 2016 and we are guaranteed to have a new champion basically because of the fact that Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Austin Dillon Chase Elliott, and Chris Buescher will all race in the Cup Series in 2016. When it comes to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series we should be able to see some of the younger drivers get a chance at the Championship in 2016. With the Addition of Grant Enfinger at GMS look for them to be a powerful force in the Truck Series in 2016. It seems that many fans look at this as a good thing not as much bad blood coming out from the fans as in other news that was released today.

Cautions Every 20 Minutes in Camping World Truck Series

Yes I said every 20 minutes, This one has just been released along with these other rules but this one leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many fans. Many people view this as a bad thing with absolutely no good coming out of it. The positive out of it is the fact that it will be a lot harder for a driver to dominate in these races with numerous races. You will also see more drivers with a chance to win the race  because you will have less drivers a lap down who will take the wave around and lucky dog's. This will help in the case to make races more competitive and with a 20 lap shootout (10 at Canada and Pocono) the ending of these races show be insane. Other wise I really don't know about this Idea. With working with a Camping World Truck Series team as of Late I can see where this will be a good thing for my driver, Cody Lane. NASCAR is certainly exploring different options for making the racing better without banning the Cup Regulars. This is one of those rules I think will need to be seen before it can be judged by the fans It could turn into something very intriguing and maybe that extra pop NASCAR has been looking for!