Sunday, August 30, 2015

The NASCAR Source Playlist (Part II)

I have made a personal playlist on my IPOD of songs that should be used in NASCAR in The Near Future.

Black Cadillac by Shinedown 

This song has a southern type of tune to it. It should definitely be featured in NASCAR 16', The intro of the song has a Daytona Speedweeks tune to it for New Beginnings 

Drag Me Down by One Direction

This song is deffinately one for the superfans! You stand for your driver! You will support him or her to the very end unless something changes. JR Nation is a prime example of fan loyalty and how whenever Jr has a bad stretch you stick behind him! 

Roots by Imagine Dragons

This song has a sound to it that would fit the final race of the final race. Because as Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stalone) said in the movie Driven "Me? to get someone back that I really loved? To get that rock out of my stomach? I'd Crawl." You don't need to ever forget your roots because without them you are nothing.

The Nights by Avicii

I first heard this song when I toured Team Penskes' facility in June. It signified how they won The Daytona 500 and The Indy 500 all in the same year. This song should be your them everyday. Livc Life to the fullest. 

The Days by Avicii

For Some people NASCAR is a way of life including myself. As a NASCAR Fan for my whole life plus some theres nothing like NASCAR. NASCAR is a passion and this song shows that NASCAR can unify people in fact the Motorsports community comes together often, As you hear me say often at the track us NASCAR fans are just one big family!

Time Of My Life by 3 Doors Down

 A song that does'nt really need an explanation of why its on this list because when you are at a NASCAR Race you know your having the time of your life!

Have any suggestions for Part III?

If you have any song suggestions email them to me and the best will be featured with your name on part 3! My email is! 

Erik Jones Prevails In The War Of Canada

Erik Jones won the war in Canada on Sunday winning his second race of 2015(Iowa). Erik Jones prevailed ahead of Alex Tagliani  on the final restart to take the W. Alex lost a cylinder and began to fall placing him in the  5th position. Matt Crafton, Ben Kennedy, Daniel Hemric, and Alex Tagliani rounded out the top 5.

Top 12 Finishing Order

1     2         4   Erik Jones
2     3         88   Matt Crafton
3     6         11   Ben Kennedy
4     13       14   Daniel Hemric
5     1         29   Alex Tagliani
6     9         98   Johnny Sauter
7     7         13   Cameron Hayley
8     14       23   Spencer Gallagher
9     12       8     John H. Nemechek
10    5        00   Cole Custer
11    8        54   Gray Gaulding
12    19      25   Brian Wong
13    18      94   TJ Bell
14    17      15   Mason Mingus
15    22      07   Ray Black Jr

NASCAR Source Driver Of The Week

Ray Black Jr wins this weekends second N.S.D.O.T.W After Blake Koch won yesterdays. Ray gained 8 spots from where he qualified to finish 15th great Job Ray!