Saturday, January 30, 2016

What is the Fan's Opinion? - What is the Most Memorable Daytona 500?

When we asked the fans What is the Most Memorable Daytona 500 one of the ones that was on there I was really expecting to win and well it did.
After 20 years of trying and 20 years of frustration Dale Earnhardt Sr. would finally win the Daytona 500. A race that had been elusive to the Man in Black just continued to be the downfall of him. 7 Championships, Numerous Awards, Numerous other Wins at Daytona but never winning the Daytona 500. In 1998 He won that race and the Fans, Teams, and Other drivers all knew what it meant to him on winning the Daytona 500. If this does not show what winning the Daytona 500 means to a Driver I don't know what will.

  • 2011 Daytona 500 - Trevor Bayne Triumphs in Daytona - 2 votes - 22%
  • 2004 Daytona 500 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins First 500 - 1 vote - 11%
  • 2001 Daytona 500 - Michael Waltrip Finally Wins - 0 votes - 0%
  • 1998 Daytona 500 - Dale Earnhardt Sr. Finally Wins - 5 votes - 55%
  • 1997 Daytona 500 - Jeff Gordon Wins Daytona 500 - 1 vote - 11%

New Poll

We want to know what you think the theme to the Daytona 500 should be! This will be the 2nd to last poll before the Daytona 500 and we will have a post up later today giving you the options for what the theme should be. The winning theme will be announced on Valentines Day on the same day as Daytona 500 qualifying! Please vote on this poll and let us know out of these 11 songs what should be the theme to the Daytona 500!

  • Paradise by Coldplay
  • Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner
  • B.I.G by X Ambassadors
  • Land Of Hope and Dreams by Bruce Springsteen
  • Lift Your Head Weary Sinner by Crowder
  • Centuries by Fall Out Boy
  • Day One by Matthew West
  • Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva
  • Heavy is The Head by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell
  • Eye On It by TobyMac
  • I Dare You by Shinedown 

The NASCAR News Source Playlist - Theme to the Daytona 500

When it comes to the Daytona 500 it's one of the biggest races in Motorsports. Each sport has it's own race that is like the Daytona 500. Indycar has the Indianapolis 500, F1 has Monoco, The 24 Hours of Le Mans is Sports Cars version of the Daytona 500. But no series starts it's season with their biggest race. The Daytona 500 is the one that every driver wants to win. The Race that every NASCAR Fan and Non NASCAR Fan wants to attend. I got the opportunity to attend it as a fan in 2015 and I am hoping to attend it as a Media Member in 2016. I always see commercials with songs as the background signifying the Daytona 500 and It makes me wonder what the Theme song for the Daytona 500 should be. #DaytonaDay commercial is a neat concept but It kinda lacks enthusiasm of how important this race is. Here are Ten Songs I think fit as the Theme Song as the Daytona 500 and then I will have it on the Poll to the left for the Fans to Vote for their Favorite Song on the list.

Paradise by Coldplay

This is one of those songs that has been used in the past with the Daytona 500 even being on the Fox Commercial in 2013. This song comes into my playlists for Daytona very often and it really comes to no surprise as this song fits Daytona because it is truly paradise. It has that sound for the Daytona 500 too. The Daytona 500 is one race that many drivers want to win and consider Gatorade Victory Lane at Daytona as a Paradise. This song is certainly one that I hope Coldplay play's next weekend in the 50th Super Bowl Halftime Concert!  This is personally my vote as the Daytona 500 theme song and I think it could be the theme for many years to come!

When she was just a girl she 
expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of
Para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah feat.Eric Turner

Used as the Wrestlemania 27 Theme and The background music for the 2011 MLB Postseason on TBS This song would be one to talk about the struggles of winning the Daytona 500. For some this race is one of the hardest for a driver to win and for others they just land in the right place at the right time kinda like Derrike Cope did in 1990. This song fits big events and The Daytona 500 is just one of those big events. Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta Georgia was the one big event that had this song as the theme song and It fits. It's just one of those songs that make you think of something big. Speaking of Big check the next song!
Seasons come and go
But I will never change
And I'm on my way

B.I.G by X Ambassadors

 This song was used in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase For The Sprint Cup at the final race in the Challenger Round and well it seems fitting to carry over into the Daytona 500. It is a Big Race, It has Big Stars, We're just Going Big! This is one of the best songs out there in my opinion and it really fits the Daytona 500. I think seeing Victory Lane Celebrations in a commercial with this song in the background would be just Awesome. If you haven't noticed Victory Lane Celebrations are normally bigger in Daytona for the 500!
I'm gonna go big 
I feel bigger than ever before
I'm gonna go big
Yeah, I'm going bigger than I was before
And you can tell your friends and all their friends
I want the whole wide world to know
I'm gonna go big
B.I.G., bigger than I was before

Land Of Hope and Dreams by Bruce Springsteen

 When it comes to Daytona many consider it the Land of Hope and Dreams. Every driver dreams of racing at Daytona and Every Driver who races on Daytona's Surface hopes to one day land in Victory Lane. This song was used in the 2012 MLB Postseason Commercials for TBS and It fits the Daytona 500 also, With the best lines being below of how the Daytona 500 fits with this song.
 This train...
Carries saints and sinners
This train...
Carries losers and winners
I said this train...
Dreams will not be thwarted
This train...
Faith will be rewarded

Lift Your Head Weary Sinner by Crowder

The Southern Twang of this Christian Music hit by David Crowder on his Debut Solo Album fits Daytona and the Daytona 500. It tells you no matter how much you want to give up faith will be rewarded so keep pushing until you land in Victory Lane with the Harley J. Earle Trophy.  This song has a rugged sound to it with kind of a touch of Pump Up sound to it. I could see this song being used with a commercial that shows the progression of how big the Daytona 500 has gotten. From The Sands of Daytona Beach to the High Banks of the Daytona International Speedway.

Lift your head weary sinner, the river's just ahead
Down the path of forgiveness, salvation's waiting there
You built a mighty fortress 10,000 burdens high
Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high

Centuries by Fall Out Boy

 A song seen normally with playoffs or with big events like High School Football Playoffs, Superbowl, MLB Playoffs, among many others like that. It fits the Daytona 500 because of if you win The Daytona 500 you are remembered for Centuries and those who lose coninue to seek out that feeling of getting remembered for Centuries. Legends Win the Daytona 500. This track is where Legends are separated from the Ordinary Drivers. Some drivers may say that it's nothing special to win at Daytona but those who say that have not done it yet. You will truly remember this win for Centuries.
Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries
And just one mistake
Is all it will take
We'll go down in history

Day One by Matthew West

I used this song as my mental theme song when I went to Bristol last year as a Media person. I enjoy this song because everyday Is Day One of the Rest of Your Life. That day I walked into Bristol Motor Speedway for the first time was the first day of the rest of my life. It's where I began my career as a Writer/Journalist for NASCAR. What song fits the Daytona 500 more than this one. It's the first day of our season and it's the first race of the season. It has a poppy sound to it which would fit the new #DaytonaDay Commercial.
It's day one of the rest of my life
It's day one of the best of my life
I'm marching on to the beat of a brand new drum
Yeah, here I come
The future has begun
Day one

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

 Ladies and Gentlemen you are about to witness Greatness, History, A Legacy among other things. Imagine this song being used for the Daytona 500. Truly has that arena sound to it as you prepare for what you are about to see. Daytona is truly Jaw Dropping and with the new Daytona Rising it will be even more impressive. I have heard this song on the pace laps at Talladega and Bristol because it hypes you up for what you are about to witness. This song was also the theme to Wrestlemania 23 from Detroit Michigan.
Like nothing you've ever seen before
Watch closely as I open this door
Your jaws will be on the floor
After this you'll be begging for more

Heavy Is The Head by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell

 Heavy is the Head who has never won the Daytona 500. You have that weight on your shoulders and that weight is heavy. For 20 years Dale Earnhardt Sr. held that weight and you can see how much happiness was with Dale once he finally won that race. True drivers like Earnhardt Jr., Logano, Harvick, among others didn't wait as long to win the 500 but the weight is off their chest to win it now and they can focus on adding to that Hall Of Fame Career! This song was also used in the 2015 MLB Postseason Commercial.
It's a lifelong expedition
Second-guessing your decisions
Trying to find out what's been missing
And the pages keep on filling

Eye On It by TobyMac 

Every driver has their Eye on It going into Daytona. That one trophy, That one Win, That one added name to the history book. Each driver has his eye on the prize and many drivers continue to have their eye on it long after they won one because you want another, Drivers like Joey Logano, Jamie McMurray, among other one time Daytona 500 champion's.  Every driver has there Eye on it and will continue to until they retire. Even then some drivers continue to have their eye on it if they didn't win the 500 at least once on their career. Like Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin.  
I got my eye on the prize, I got my eye on it
I got my eye on it, and I will not quit

 I Dare You by Shinedown

A song that has a sound to it that just sounds like a big deal to it. Shinedown really did well with this song, as they do with many others. This song was used for Wrestlemania 22 and it sounded like a song that helped hype up the event. This song could be one of my favorites of theirs and I could honestly see this commercial highlighting every winner of the Daytona 500. From Petty to Logano, Earnhardt Sr. to Earnhardt Jr., among the other winners of the Daytona 500. 

Hello, let me introduce you to
The characters in the show
One says yes, one says no
Decide - which voice in your head you can keep alive
Even in madness, I know you still believe
Paint me on canvas so I become
What you could never be