Seeking History at Daytona is Nothing New to Earnhardts

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Many NASCAR fans are fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. for numerous reasons but one thing I have to say is that JR Nation is one of the most loyal groups of fans you will see in the sport. No matter who you are in the sport if you are a fan of Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, etc. you respect Dale Earnhardt Jr. especially after his move to step away from the sport for a season following a concussion diagnosis following the Kentucky Race. Many of us within the sport whether your a journalist, team member, PR Representative, or even a driver have learned more about concussions and how severe they are to the Human Body. Jr. helped improve the concussion protocol not only in NASCAR but other sports and I think that is something that he will be remembered for as time goes on.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn't done yet either and that is something that fans can look forward to. Though it is unknown at this time on if Jr. will race in "The Clash" at Daytona, we do know Dale Earnhardt Jr. will race in the 59th Daytona 500 chasing his third Daytona 500 victory something that only three three drivers have been able to do. Dale Earnhardt Jr. will also be chasing his first career NASCAR Monster Energy Premier Series Championship following the season that witnessed Jimmie Johnson tying Dale's father with seven championships.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. will also look at tracks where he has gained success in the past like Atlanta and Texas along with looking for retribution at Talladega after his disappointing showing in May earlier this season. Jr. is chasing his 7th victory at Talladega and that would be a delight to the fans in attendance and with Talladega not being an elimination race in the Chase in 2017, Jr. won't be stressed or placed in a must win situation so Jr. can go out and do what he's always seemed to do at Talladega and that seems to be just dominate. All of these ingredients in a season could result in something very big for JR Nation but Jr. will begin the season chasing history and that isn't anything new to the Earnhardt Family especially at the famed Daytona International Speedway. (Koelle,2016)