Derrike Cope Racing Has Some Cool Sponsors, Literally

If you wanna see a team that has cool sponsors look no further than Derrike Cope Racing. In 2016 Derrike Cope Racing has had a full lineup of different sponsors in the races we have raced. Ice Aid is one sponsor that has been on the car numerous times so far over the 2016 Season including a primary sponsorship at Daytona. Nathalie Bijeau, who represents Ice Aid, is one of the friendliest people you will meet around the garage and she has made me feel so welcome in the Garage. A few weeks ago when we went to the Talladega
Superspeedway, we camped. Well a common issue we have is our Ice melting to quick and we have to buy more and more ice to keep our Beverages cold. Well this past time I grabbed a pack of Ice Aid and put it over our Ice. 24 Hours later we still had Ice and cold drinks which really helped with the high Temps this year at Talladega. Even 48 hours later the water in the cooler was still Ice Cold and it kept our drinks nice and cool. So Derrike Cope Racing has this cool sponsor called Ice Aid.
This weekend at Dover you may see a brand you aren't very familiar with. In fact not many are and well this weekend is there first time they are trying NASCAR Sponsorship. Sponsorship is something we discussed last week Friday on the Frathouse and the fact of how NASCAR Fans are drawn to NASCAR Sponsors for the products they buy at home. Like I am more likely to purchase an Item because it is on the car on Saturday or Sunday. Spand-Ice is a Brand new product that has Hot and cold therapy targeted compression in thermal therapy gear. Patent pending technology proven to relieve back pain, muscle soreness & inflammation which is something I know is a common problem among NASCAR Fans. For a brand new sponsorship lets show them some NASCAR Love!
When it comes to Derrike Cope Racing I think they will have the upper hand when it comes to Summer Races and 95+ degree temps.(Koelle,2016)

You can find out more about these products at their websites listed below!

Ice-Aid -
Spand-Ice -