New Adventures for Iwuji in 2017

In 2017 Jesse Iwuji will be taking on a new adventure that he hasn't taken in the past and that will be becoming a car owner in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series that will be driven by Los Angeles California Native Dan Phillippi.

"My team owner and I have been discussing new ways to give me opportunities to make an impact in our sport and to continue representing it in positive ways. We felt that me becoming a car owner would be a great chance for me to continue providing opportunities for people to achieve their dreams of racing in NASCAR. I'm very thankful I could do this through our wonderful team at Patriot Motorsports Group." stated Iwuji when we asked him to tell us more about his new adventures in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. We asked him if it would be a distraction considering he will be driving in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series with Patriot Motorsports Group here was his answer. "It won't be a distraction at all, I see it as an opportunity which could lead to bigger things for our team. One of my goals in NASCAR is to own a full team of cars that I could utilize to give opportunities to new upcoming drivers who wouldn't have the opportunity to normally race at this level. I want to bring in new types of people to the sport who will be positive influences and continue to help the sport and fan base diversify and grow."

Iwuji was asked if a owner driver aspect could come out in the next few years and his answer was very respectable and very thoughtful. "I would rather not be an owner on my own car right now because it defeats the purpose of me building new relationships and bringing in new people under my wing."
Jesse will have a full plate of racing this season. He looks to compete on both coast. "I'm planning on racing 1-2 K&N East races this year. Stay tuned for that announcement. I'll also be revealing sponsors the week prior to my first race of the season!" was Jesse's answer when he was asked about more announcements.

Dan Phillippi will pilot the car Jesse will own and we talked with him about his continuation in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. We asked Dan how this relationship came about with Jesse and I found his answer rather insightful. 

"I met Jesse Iwuji from late model racing at Irwindale Speedway in 2015.  It was the first year of stock car racing for the both of us and we soon became friends off the track.  He invited me to join his new team out of Idaho with John Wood.  I wasn't sure how I was going to continue racing after 2015, but Patriot Motorsports Group made it possible for me and I am very grateful for that! The BIG 5 late model series at Meridian speedway was supposed to prepare me all year for when the K&N series toured to Meridian in late 2016.   I did the first BIG 5 race and when I finished 6th I got approved to race in the K&N series....much earlier than I thought.  The few K&N races that I was in throughout the year were so much fun and a valuable learning experience for me.  None of that would have been possible without Patriot Motorsports Group.  Heading into the 2017 season as a rookie, I'm hoping my new car and competitive iRacing experience will give me an edge on the track.  Plus, always being around a positive atmosphere at the shop and the track with the team definitely helps."

Phillippi raced six races in 2016 gaining a best finish of 10th at Roseville. "I feel like racing in the K&N series is the best way to gain experience before racing in the Truck series.  I also feel like if you can put together a solid season with our lower budget team, it really shows how well you can do as a driver.  As a new driver, I'm seeing my iRacing experience work to my advantage out on the pavement.  I'm learning very quickly, as least that's what I think.  That's why I'm really looking forward to the 2017 season because I'm getting better at iRacing too.  If I continue to have the opportunity to race in NASCAR, I promise to never race in Cup until I can win an Xfinity race." 

We wish Dan and his team the best in this upcoming season! Stay tuned to the Motorsports News Source for more news concerning Dan, Jesse, Patriot Motorsports Group, and The NASCAR K&N Pro Series. (Koelle,2017)