Saturday, October 31, 2015

Matt Crafton Rebounds From Talladega to Win In Martinsville

Matt Crafton Rebounded from Talladega to win Saturday Afternoon's Kroger 200! John Hunter Nemachek, Cameron Hayley, Cole Custer, and Tyler Reddick rounded out the Top 5! The #75 of Caleb Holman finished 8th and recorded his best career Finish! Next weekend we will be taking a break from having a Truck Series spotlight and let the Xfinity Series take the spotlight with Xfinity Series driver Jeremy Clements to become the final Xfinity Series Driver Spotlight during the season.


1     88     Matt Crafton
2      8      John Hunter Nemachek
3     13     Cameron Hayley
4     00     Cole Custer
5     19     Tyler Reddick
6     17     Timothy Peters
7     33     Brandon Jones
8     75     Caleb Holman
9     98     Johnny Sauter
10    4      Erik Jones
11   05     John Wes Townley
Battle Scars on the #75 after a 8th place finish!
12   14     Daniel Hemric
13   02     Tyler Young
14   11     Ben Kennedy
15   50     Travis Kvapil
16   51     Daniel Suarez
17   18     Ross Kenseth
18   15     Mason Mingus
19   82     Austin Hill
20   07     Ray Black Jr.
21   54     Grey Gaulding
22   63     Bobby Pierce
23   92     David Gilliland
24    1      Camden Murphy
25   29     Austin Cindric
26   94     Timmy Hill
27   08     Brandon Hightower
28    5      Dalton Sargent
29   23     Spencer Galagher
30   74     Paige Decker
31   10     Jennifer Jo Cobb
32   32     J.J Haley

Next Weekend!

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to the Texas Motor Speedway! Championships can be lost here at the cost of a cup regular just ask Ron Hornaday Jr. Drivers will need to tame the bull to take home the cowboy boots in the longest race of the rest of the season for the Truck Series. Kyle Busch is the defending race winner here.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Practice Report

Goody's Headache Shots 500 at Martinsville Practice Report

Joey Logano Strong Right Outta The Hauler Again!

1 22 Joey Logano  
2 24 Jeff Gordon 
3 2 Brad Keselowski 
4 4 Kevin Harvick  
5 13 Casey Mears  
6 5 Kasey Kahne  
7 1 Jamie McMurray  
8 18 Kyle Busch  
9 15 Clint Bowyer 
10 20 Matt Kenseth 
11 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  
12 11 Denny Hamlin 
13 78 Martin Truex Jr.  
14 43 Aric Almirola  
15 55 David Ragan  
16 42 Kyle Larson  
17 19 Carl Edwards 
18 31 Ryan Newman  
19 16 Greg Biffle  
20 47 AJ Allmendinger 
21 27 Paul Menard  
22 41 Kurt Busch  
23 14 Tony Stewart  
24 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.  
25 48 Jimmie Johnson  
26 51 Justin Allgaier  
27 9 Sam Hornish Jr.  
28 40 Landon Cassill 
29 3 Austin Dillon  
30 10 Danica Patrick  
31 7 Alex Bowman  
32 6 Trevor Bayne 
33 46 Michael Annett 
34 98 Ryan Preece  
35 35 Cole Whitt  
36 38 David Gilliland  
37 34 Brett Moffitt  
38 23 Jeb Burton  
39 83 Matt DiBenedetto  
40 26 JJ Yeley 
41 33 Alex Kennedy  
42 32 Kyle Fowler 
43 62 Timmy Hill

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shows Speed In 2nd Practice

1 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 
2 78 Martin Truex Jr. 
3 31 Ryan Newman 
4 22 Joey Logano  
5 11 Denny Hamlin 
6 18 Kyle Busch  
7 20 Matt Kenseth  
8 14 Tony Stewart  
9 48 Jimmie Johnson  
10 16 Greg Biffle  
11 1 Jamie McMurray 
12 47 AJ Allmendinger  
13 4 Kevin Harvick  
14 43 Aric Almirola  
15 41 Kurt Busch  
16 24 Jeff Gordon  
17 27 Paul Menard  
18 2 Brad Keselowski  
19 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  
20 19 Carl Edwards  
21 10 Danica Patrick  
22 15 Clint Bowyer 
23 51 Justin Allgaier  
24 9 Sam Hornish Jr.  
25 13 Casey Mears  
26 6 Trevor Bayne  
27 3 Austin Dillon 
28 5 Kasey Kahne 
29 40 Landon Cassill 
30 55 David Ragan  
31 38 David Gilliland 
32 98 Ryan Preece  
33 42 Kyle Larson 
34 7 Alex Bowman  
35 35 Cole Whitt  
36 46 Michael Annett  
37 34 Brett Moffitt  
38 23 Jeb Burton  
39 83 Matt DiBenedetto 
40 32 Kyle Fowler 
41 26 JJ Yeley 
42 62 Timmy Hill 
43 33 Alex Kennedy

Jimmie Johnson Shows Clock Fever in Final Practice

1 48 Jimmie Johnson  
2 4 Kevin Harvick  
3 2 Brad Keselowski  
4 27 Paul Menard  
5 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 
6 13 Casey Mears  
7 22 Joey Logano 
8 78 Martin Truex Jr.
9 11 Denny Hamlin  
10 1 Jamie McMurray  
11 15 Clint Bowyer 
12 24 Jeff Gordon 
13 31 Ryan Newman  
14 47 AJ Allmendinger 
15 20 Matt Kenseth  
16 14 Tony Stewart
17 16 Greg Biffle  
18 55 David Ragan 
19 41 Kurt Busch  
20 3 Austin Dillon  
21 19 Carl Edwards  
22 10 Danica Patrick 
23 5 Kasey Kahne  
24 42 Kyle Larson  
25 9 Sam Hornish Jr.  
26 18 Kyle Busch  
27 43 Aric Almirola  
28 51 Justin Allgaier  
29 40 Landon Cassill 
30 6 Trevor Bayne 
31 46 Michael Annett  
32 35 Cole Whitt  
33 38 David Gilliland  
34 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 
35 98 Ryan Preece  
36 23 Jeb Burton  
37 34 Brett Moffitt  
38 7 Alex Bowman  
39 83 Matt DiBenedetto 
40 26 JJ Yeley 
41 33 Alex Kennedy  
42 32 Kyle Fowler

Mason Mingus :Digging For A Better Finish - NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Spotlight

Mason Mingus drives for Billy Boat Motorsports in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The Brentwood, TN Native has been racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for 3 years now with a best finish of 3rd coming last Saturday Afternoon in Talladega, AL in the Fred's 250 presented by Coca-Cola. 2015 has had it's fair share of ups and downs for Mason just a little more of the downs than ups. Mason missed the season opener at Daytona but since has not DNQ'ed for a race since. Mason has had a couple of crashes in 2015 but that doesn't even begin to dim on the pure talent Mason has. In the races Mason has completed he has not finished outside of the Top 25. With a worst finish of 29th twice and missing the season opener at Daytona Mason is still 14th in Camping World Truck Series points which is very impressive for an underfunded team. With a loyal sponsor in Call 811 Before You Dig
Mason continues to dig for better finishes and with time this team could step up to the lines of Thor Sport and Red Horse Racing in the Toyota Racing Development Family if not competing for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Championship. Mason is a very friendly person as to is The Legendary Billy Boat. I had the opportunity to meet both in Bristol and I personally wish them the best in the Future! (Koelle, 2015)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Multiple Things In NASCAR Showing Economy Getting Better

New Sponsorship's Debuting In NASCAR

With the additive of sponsors like Natures Bakery and Tax Slayer(Sprint Cup Debut) joining drivers Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2 of NASCAR's most popular Drivers will have new colors with new sponsors. Nature's Bakery is joining Tax ACT at Stewart Haas Racing to be the primary sponsorship on Danica Patrick's #10 Chevrolet. Nature's Bakery, who makes Fig Bars and other health foods, will be joining NASCAR in 2016 is one of the examples of the United States Economy is getting better and more products are beginning to notice that joining NASCAR is a very good financial opportunity. Sponsor's like Tax Slayer are joining the upper ranks after being the primary sponsorship of Jr's Xfinity Series Entries for the past few years certainly showing that sponsorship movement is nothing special. Let's just say when that red and white #88 car goes around the track fans will begin to wonder what sponsor that is that has such an awesome looking paint scheme then after that they will go purchase the designated product and as of late it is showing that Americans have the money to buy the products so more and more products are making their way onto the NASCAR circuit in the Cup, Xfinity, or Truck Series. 

More Loyal Sponsors In NASCAR

When you watch a race on TV or in person and you have been for many years you will begin to notice more and more sponsors are getting more and more loyal. Sponsors like K-Love Radio, Kroger, Lowes, Dr. Pepper, etc. have been with drivers for a long time. Michael McDowell, who drives the #95 Ford Fusion for Leavine Family Racing is certainly one example of a driver having a loyal sponsor. K-Love Radio has been with McDowell for many years, Through the good and through the bad times K-Love has been loyal to one driver and a fan really notices that and will certainly be more likely to listen to K-Love Radio. I am more likely to go to Lowes now days because they have been loyal to Jimmie Johnson for more that 10 years. 

More Fans Attending Races

I attended the Daytona 500 this season and the stands were packed. Despite Daytona Rising entering the homestretch what was open was packed and I am proud to be a NASCAR fan especially at this time. When the racing is worth the 50 to 60 dollars a ticket is now more fans will go attend the races and that especially was proved in Daytona in July. Majority of the stands were in construction but still fans continued to file into the Daytona International Speedway and I don't see that changing anytime soon including the fact that Daytona Rising Construction will be complete come 2016. Also more tracks are making better ways for fans and their families to attend the races affordable. Talladega Superspeedway has a 2 day ticket package in both May and October that gives you 2 days of action for as low as 50$ and that is well worth it now days especially the October Race that has all of the Drama of The End Of The Contender Round. In May at Talladega the 2 day ticket includes the ARCA Racing Series along with the Cup Series and The Xfinity Series both in which have been very competitive as of late. 

More People Buying Merchandise

More and more people are coming to the track and getting their favorite drivers gear or diecast and that's more revenue that NASCAR will be making. True more people are saying they dislike the new tent system that NASCAR has but give it time and they will be just as awesome as the Haulers were and they will have more to offer. My favorite thing about the NASCAR Fanatics tents is the fact that I can go to a race track now and buy Underfunded teams gear and I personally really like that. It helps get these teams exposure and helps gain them more fans. 
With this it is certainly showing that more fans have money to buy these items and that shows that the economy is rising to a better place. Within the next 5 years look for NASCAR To be back to the popularity it was before. 

Joey Logano Continues Dominance Onto Martinsville Pole

Joey Logano will begin The Eliminator where he left off in the Contender Round and that is up front. Fellow Eliminator Competitor Martin Truex Jr will start on the outside pole. Logano, with a speed of 98.548 mph for his 6th pole of 2015, 2nd at Martinsville and 14th of his career. Logano has won 2 races from the pole out of 13 previous poles. Will Logano make his way downtown to his fourth straight win and 6th win of 2015? This could be his biggest win in his carrer and this could lock him into the Championship Four a place he was in in 2014.

Starting Lineup

Joey Logano will lead em to green in Martinsville
1 22 Joey Logano  
2 78 Martin Truex Jr. 
3 47 A.J. Allmendinger 
4 1 Jamie McMurray 
5 24 Jeff Gordon  
6 18 Kyle Busch  
7 31 Ryan Newman 
8 43 Aric Almirola 
9 42 Kyle Larson
10 11 Denny Hamlin  
11 2 Brad Keselowski  
12 4 Kevin Harvick  
13 14 Tony Stewart  
14 19 Carl Edwards  
15 41 Kurt Busch  
16 10 Danica Patrick  
17 15 Clint Bowyer  
The Begining of the 3rd Round. Will There Be any early 3rd Round
18 20 Matt Kenseth  
19 13 Casey Mears  
20 9 Sam Hornish Jr. 
21 48 Jimmie Johnson  
22 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.  
23 51 Justin Allgaier  
24 5 Kasey Kahne 
25 16 Greg Biffle  
26 27 Paul Menard  
27 40 Landon Cassill 
28 55 David Ragan  
29 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 
30 3 Austin Dillon  
31 35 Cole Whitt  
32 6 Trevor Bayne  
33 38 David Gilliland  
34 34 Brett Moffitt  
35 23 Jeb Burton  
36 83 Matt Dibenedetto  
37  98 Ryan Preece  
38  46 Michael Annett 
39   26 J.J. Yeley 
40  32 Kyle Flower  
41  7 Alex Bowman 
42  62 Timmy Hill 
43  33 Alex Kennedy

Atlanta - The Beginning Of Ten Years

On October 30th, 2005 I attended my first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race from the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Bass Pro Shops 500. I would have never expected almost 50 races later I would be sitting here writing a world wide blog and know so many people in NASCAR. At the time in 2005 I was 9 years old and had experience with NASCAR just not at the track.
In Atlanta in 2005 The Bass Pro Shops 500 would be my first race or debut as you could say as a spectator. It would be the first race I had ever attended and I went with My Dad. I left the race early becaise I was getting a headache from the loud engines that I had never heard in person. Carl Edwards would go on to win that race as you can see from the right as he was preparing to do his signature back flip. Since that October Afternoon I have only seen Carl Edwards win once more in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and That was at Bristol in 2014. This is the Race that really influenced this article series. Its an very Important race to me because of the fact that my dad was the person who took me to this race and he is one of the biggest supporters of this blog.
In 2008 I would return to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the first time since 2005 and I would also see my first Truck Series Race and Xfinity Series race. That race my mom won tickets from a radio network and It gave me and my dad an opportunity to go to another race. In this race I witness history as Toyota would win their first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race with Kyle Busch who I had seen win two times before at Bristol in 2006 and in 2007. During this weekend I met Chad Knaus and Reed Sorenson. It is very cool that over the 10 years I can say I have seen all but Dodge win a race in person.
I would not return to the Atlanta Motor Speedway until 2010 on the Five Year Anniversary in which is the sole time I would see Tony Stewart win a Sprint Cup Series Race. Tony would win in his #14 Self owned team. We would also go to the Great Clips 300 that weekend where Jamie McMurry won for JR Motorsports.
In 2012 This would be where I would absolutely learn that I loved NASCAR and that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It would be the final time me and my dad would go to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and lets just say thats one way to end a reign. I would win Pit Passes from the Chattanooga Lookouts and would get the opportunity to tag along with NASCAR Xfinty Team MacDonald Motorsports with driver Jason Bowles. Out of this deal I would make a friend in Dell Hamilton Jr. This would also be my first time ever in the garage, very cool experience. Ricky Stenhouse Jr would go on to win that race and our driver Jason Bowles would finish 18th. Very interesting experience and what a way to end a reign of going to races.
That would be the last time I would go to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and I surely hope that wasn't the last time I had gone to Atlanta Motor Speedway. A few days ago I was declined of a Hot Pass for the February Race in 2016 for my blog. This is the second to final article in the Ten Years In The Making Series with the final one coming later today. I hope people with Atlanta Motor Speedway reads this and All I have to say Is see you in the future.(Koelle, 2015)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chase Discussion Part I

After The Dust Finally Settles from Talladega 3 days after, We Know who will be in the Eliminator Eight and we can begin to predict who will be in the final four. I made a new chase grid as you can see to the left and remember these are strictly my picks on average finishes and who's been good as of late. No more Superspeedways to deal with so we cut it down to Short Tracks and Intermediates. Below I will state my predictions and look at average finishes at each track.


Martinsville is one of those tracks that there are favorites but really its just an act of surrvival. There is honsestly no place to hide in the paper clip and that shows by the black marks and missing parts on race cars.This place doesn't only test Brakes it also test Radiators because if you can leave Martinsville with a radiator still in tact you have a good shot at winning. Past winners Denny Hamlin and Dale Earnhardt Jr are eliminated so the last winner who is in the chase is Kurt Busch who won here in the spring of 2014. 

Winner - Brad Keselowski or Carl Edwards                                        
Averages - Kyle Busch (15.65)
                   Kurt Busch (21.07)
                   Joey Logano (13.15)
                   Brad Keselowski (14.00)
                   Carl Edwards (15.95)
                   Jeff Gordon (6.89)
                   Martin Truex Jr. (22.21)
                   Kevin Harvick (16.14)


Texas is really the only Night Race of this round and since Charlotte was rained out will be the only Night Race of the Chase. Tempers have flared at this track and Jimmie Johnson has won this race 2 years in a row but he's eliminated. This is where the chase will begin to get interesting and maybe even at a boiling point but I see another chaser winning here and this chaser has won here before and will return Coach Joe Gibbs to victory lane.

Winner - Carl Edwards or Brad Keselowski
Averages - Kyle Busch (12.89)
                   Kurt Busch (15.88)
                   Joey Logano (16.93)
                   Brad Keselowski (17.29)
                   Carl Edwards (14.95)
                   Jeff Gordon (17.28)
                   Martin Truex Jr. (15.05)
                   Kevin Harvick (12.68)


Land Of The Sun is where I see Tempers Over Flowing into Victory Lane. Remember Joey Logano's move on Matt Kenseth in Kansas I see Joey doing the same to The Guy who has just been flawless at Phoenix and his name is Kevin Harvick I see both going in in must win situations and Joey moving Kevin out of the way to move onto the championship round. If not Joey i see someone moving Kevin out of the way for the Win. 

Winner - Joey Logano or Martin Truex Jr.
Averages - Kyle Busch (14.30)
                   Kurt Busch (13.92)
                   Joey Logano (14.54)
                   Brad Keselowski (13.92)
                   Carl Edwards (12.27)
                   Jeff Gordon (10.91)
                   Martin Truex Jr. (17.11)
                   Kevin Harvick (10.96)


True last season the winner won the championship but I don't see it this season. Homestead is the only track left that we have not raced at in 2015 so I see a first time winner of 2015 at Homestead.

Winner - Greg Biffle or Jeff Gordon
Averages - Kyle Busch (23.10)
                   Kurt Busch (19.21)
                   Joey Logano (20.00)
                   Brad Keselowski (15.00)
                   Carl Edwards (9.09)
                   Jeff Gordon (10.56)
                   Martin Truex Jr. (10.00)
                   Kevin Harvick (7.57)

Justin Algaier To Jr Motorsports in 2016!

JR Motorsports and Justin Allgaier Revealed today that Justin Allgaier will be taking over the #7 Car for 2015! Brandt Professional Agriculture who has been with Justin a majority of his career in the Xfinity Series and Sprint Cup Series announced that they would be following Justin to JR Motorsports! Brandt will be the primary sponsor on Justin's #7 Chevrolet Camaro in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for 18 of 33 events! Allgaier has 3 wins in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for teams Turner Scott Motorsports and Team Penske and will be looking to expand wins and add a Championship to his Resume. Allgaier
finished 3rd in the NXS series points standings in 2011. Before Joining the NASCAR Xfinity Series Justin competed against drivers like Frank Kimmel, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Michael McDowell, and others on his way to winning the 2008 ARCA RE/MAX Series Championship!
We look forward to seeing Justin Allgaier back in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and wish him the Absolute Best at JR Motorsports. Of Coarse the Landscape of JR Motorsports will be changing next season with not only the addition of Justin Allgaier but also Elliott Sadler! (Koelle, 2015)

Wayback Wednesday - 2013 Kroger 200

Starting this week the Wayback Wednesday we will do a version of the Throwback Thursday for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.This week we go back to the 2013 Kroger 200!
In 2013 The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series came off a wild Talladega and into the Martinsville Speedway for the Kroger 200. Denny Hamlin won the pole for this event but Darrell Wallace Jr Stole the Show.
Darrell Wallace Jr led 96 of the races 200 laps after starting 3rd. History would be made on this day as Darrell Wallace Jr would become the first African American to win a NASCAR Upper Series Race since Wendell Scott did it in 1964.


Race Logo
1 54 Darrell Wallace Jr  
2 62 Brendan Gaughan 
3 4 Jeb Burton 
4 30 Ben Kennedy  
5 29 Ryan Blaney  
6 51 Denny Hamlin  
7 77 German Quiroga Jr 
8 98 Johnny Sauter 
9 92 Scott Riggs  
10 31 James Buescher  
11 8 Max Gresham  
Kevin Harvicks Last Stand With RCR
12 18 Joey Coulter  
13 7 John Wes Townley 
14 19 Ross Chastain  
15 27 Jeff Agnew  
16 22 John Hunter Nemechek  
17 88 Matt Crafton  
18 60 Dakoda Armstrong  
19 33 Brandon Jones  
20 94 Chase Elliott 
21 32 Miguel Paludo 
22 3 Ty Dillon  
23 75 Caleb Holman  
24 24 Brennan Newberry  
25 39 Ryan Sieg  
26 17 Timothy Peters  
27 68 Clay Greenfield  
28 9 Ron Hornaday Jr  
29 57 Norm Benning  
30 14 Kevin Harvick  
31 81 Timmy Hill  
32 6 Daniel Hemric  
33 99 Bryan Silas  
34 84 Bradley Riethmeyer 
35 93 Chris Jones  
36 07 Jimmy Weller III

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Would The Points Look Like If The Chase Wasn't Used?

Talladega Winner Joey Logano Would Be The Points Leader
Even in the Old Syestem
1) 22     Joey Logano      1204 Points Ahead
2) 4       Kevin Harvick        49 Points Behind
3) 2       Brad Keselowski  123 Points Behind
4) 88     Dale Earnhardt Jr.135 Points Behind
5) 78     Martin Truex Jr.   178 Points Behind
6) 20     Matt Kenseth        201 Points Behind
7) 48     Jimmie Johnson,   203 Points Behind
8)  11    Denny Hamlin,     205 Points Behind
9)  41    Kurt Busch           217 Points Behind
10)  19  Carl Edwards      231 Points Behind 
11) 24   Jeff Gordon          254 Points Behind
12)  31  Ryan Newman,   272 Points Behind
13)  1    Jamie McMurray 288 Points Behind
14)  27  Paul Menard,      346 Points Behind
15)  43  Aric Almirola     355 Points Behind
16)  15  Clint Bowyer      365 Points Behind
In This Old System Dale Earnhardt Jr Would Still be in
17)  5    Kasey Kahne        367 Points Behind
18)  16 Greg Biffle         426 Points Behind
19)  42 Kyle Larson       427 Points Behind
20)  3   Austin Dillon       486 Points Behind
21)  18  Kyle Busch        505 Points Behind
22) 13   Casey Mears      519 Points Behind
23)  10  Danica Patrick,  543 Points Behind
24) 47   AJ Allmendinger 551 Points Behind
25) 9     Sam Hornish, Jr.    563 Points Behind
Kyle Busch who missed races up until the All Star  
would be in 21st

Goody's Headache Shots 500 at Martinsville Speedway Entry List

The Eliminator Eight Will come to Martinsville Virginia for the first race of the Eliminator Round.
After a very Controversial 500 at Talladega Superspeedway Dale Earnhardt Jr will not be competing for a championship anymore. Neither will Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, nor Ryan Newman.
Dale Earnhardt Jr is the defending winner of this race last season and will be looking to win yet another Grandfather Clock. Denny Hamlin won here in March and that was the race that locked him into the Chase. 43 Cars entered means 43 will make the race, no one will go home.

Entry List

Dale Earnhardt Jr won this race last season while being in the
same elimination situation 
1 1 Jamie McMurray  
2 2 Brad Keselowski 
3 3 Austin Dillon 
4 4 Kevin Harvick  
5 5 Kasey Kahne  
6 6 Trevor Bayne  
7 7 Alex Bowman  
8 9 Sam Hornish Jr.  
9 10 Danica Patrick  
10 11 Denny Hamlin  
11 13 Casey Mears  
12 14 Tony Stewart 
13 15 Clint Bowyer  
14 16 Greg Biffle  
Denny Hamlin won here in March and will be looking for yet
another Grandfather Clock.
15 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  
16 18 Kyle Busch  
17 19 Carl Edwards  
18 20 Matt Kenseth 
19 22 Joey Logano 
20 23 Jeb Burton 
21 24 Jeff Gordon  
22 26 J.J. Yeley 
23 27 Paul Menard  
24 31 Ryan Newman  
25 32 Kyle Flower  
26 33 Alex Kennedy 
27 34 Brett Moffitt  
28 35 Cole Whitt  
29 38 David Gilliland  
30 40 Landon Cassill 
Highlighted Names are the 8 Drivers still in the loop for the
31 41 Kurt Busch  
32 42 Kyle Larson  
33 43 Aric Almirola  
34 46 Michael Annett  
35 47 A.J. Allmendinger  
36 48 Jimmie Johnson  
37 51 Justin Allgaier  
38 55 David Ragan  
39 62 Timmy Hill 
40 78 Martin Truex Jr.  
41 83 Matt Dibenedetto  
42 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 
43 98 Ryan Preece

Kroger 200 at Martinsville Speedway Entry List

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series comes to the Paper Clip in Martinsville Virginia this weekend after a wild Talladega defending race winner Matt Crafton has some points he will have to make up to make sure his teammate stays behind him in the points. Out of the Championship Contenders Erik Jones had the most successful weekend in Talladega, AL while being in race win contention. 37 cars are on the entry list this weekend and only 32 will make the race which means 5 drivers will be going home.

Entry List

Bubba Wallace Got His Firs Win Here in 2013
1 00 Cole Custer  
2 0 Brad Foy  
3 02 Tyler Young  
4 4 Erik Jones  
5 5 Dalton Sargeant  
6 05 John Wes Townley  
7 6 Norm Benning 
8 07 Ray Black Jr 
9 8 John Hunter Nemechek 
10 08 Korbin Forrister  
11 10 Jennifer Jo Cobb  
Matt Crafton won this race in 2014
12 11 Ben Kennedy 
13 13 Cameron Hayley  
14 14 Daniel Hemric 
15 15 Mason Mingus 
16 17 Timothy Peters  
17 18 Ross Kenseth 
18 19 Tyler Reddick 
19 23 Spencer Gallagher 
20 29 TBA
21 32 JJ Haley  
22 33 Brandon Jones  
23 35 Jim Weiler   
24 36 TBA   
25 45 BJ McLeod  
26 51 Daniel Suarez 
Joey Logano won his first career Truck Race here in March
27 54 Gray Gaulding  
28 63 Bobby Pierce  
29 74 Paige Decker 
30 75 Caleb Holman  
31 82 Austin Hill   
32 86 Brandon Brown  
33 87 Charles Buchanan Jr 
34 88 Matt Crafton  
35 92 David Gilliland 
36 94 Timmy Hill  
37 98 Johnny Sauter

Monday, October 26, 2015

FINAL Statement About Talladega from the writer

Alright the smoke has settled and Joey Logano hoisted the trophy in victory lane. The way the crowd reacted at the end of the race was really mixed. You had the fans on both ends of the spectrum and you had fans throwing things on the track which showed there displesure with not only NASCAR but with Joey Logano. Joey was just the driver in the lead when the Yellow Flag was put out. Many showed their displesure with Joey during the Driver Intros before the race and even during Qualifying.
I don't know how you were during that race whether you were in the stands or at home watching the race on NBCSN but I know when that last caution flag came out and when the field was coming to green for that final green flag me and my friend's heart rates had to be up because the ending was exciting. This new chase format makes it exciting and I think that was what we wanted. I know Fans in my section were on their feet cheering Jr, Kyle Busch, Carl many different drivers and everyone was ready to see if Jr could do it. Yes Jr didn't win and no he didn't move on but he has 2 wins in 2015, more than some of the higher caliber drivers and to me thats nothing for Jr Fans to be dissapointed in. The guy did everything possible to win that race and Joey was in the right place at the right time. Dale Earnhardt Jr said it himself that if they wouldn't run terrible the previous 2 weeks then we wouldn't be in a must win situation coming to Talladega.  That will be something they will certainly work on going into next season and who knows Jr could win Charlotte or Kansas next season and not even begin to worry about
Talladega in October which as of late seems to be his Achilles heel as of late. There are still 4 races left in the 2015 season and that means 4 more races Jr can win and steal from the chasers. He can still technically finish in the 5th place in points so there is still no reason for anyone's fans to hang there heads nor stop watching NASCAR.
When it comes to writing about who won I will always side with NASCAR on who won because I would not want to report wronging Information to you the fans no matter who you were cheering for. You come to this site for NASCAR News and that's what I try my best to report in a non biased way. Being a fan of NASCAR for my whole life means I have my opinions of things but those are just those, opinions.
Like I have said to numerous people, "Talladega is over with now lets move on to Martinsville and enjoy the rest of the Chase" I don't know if you have notice there are 5 drivers left in the chase who have never won a championship in their career and we could be looking at our second straight first time champion. Don't overlook Jeff Gordon or Brad Keselowski as both have been very competitive as of late.
When it comes to who I cheered for last weekend does it honestly matter. I cheered for Michael McDowell and the Leavine Family Racing and Go Green Racing's #32 of Bobby Labonte because both have been very helpful in helping me get my blog to where it is today. On Saturday I cheered for The Mittler Brothers, Jordan Anderson both because of like both sprint cup teams have helped get my blog exposure. When it comes to the end of the Sprint Cup Race Sunday I was cheering for who ever won
because I knew I would write about them when the time came and that's exactly what I did.
I want to send a thank you to everyone who helped make my final race as a spectator special. You know who you are and I want to send a shout out to some of my Singapore and Russia Readers who I met this weekend! I appreciate everything you have done over seas for my blog and I hope you enjoy what I have to come! As for the rest of 2015 I have the rest of the Chase to cover and I also have a specaial article that I will reveal on November 23rd that will run into the next season! Again Thanks to everyone who helps make this blog go and get bigger everyday! (Koelle, 2015)